December 2, 2022
  • December 2, 2022

10 brilliant Ikea hacks and furniture flips we learned on TikTok

By on July 13, 2021 0

When we browse TikTok, there is always a video that stops us dead: the Ikea hacks. These furniture flips and crafts are affordable, creative, and downright fascinating. Transform an ordinary library into recessed arched? Genius. Elevate an old ordinary wardrobe into a contemporary rattan console? Sign us up. We can’t seem to look away, and neither can the other 344.1 million users who have seen the hashtag #ikeahack. So, without further ado, here is the crème de la crème of Ikea hacks, from those who integrate to those who integrate the trendy fluted surfaces at Loop fabrics approved by organic modernism.

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One of the hottest emerging trends of 2021 is fluted accents—Aka rounded molding that covers a wall, giving it a more textured finish — and brass hardware. So when a handyman and founder of XO My Home, Kim Bai saw West Elm’s Quinn multimedia console, she * understood * her mission. Using the Ikea kallax, fluted fillings, brass feet and some white chalk paint, Bai has converted an ordinary wardrobe into a luxury designer console. Well done. (Psst: here are the Bai’s step by step instructions if you want to try this at home).

You have probably already noticed that minimalism takes over the design scene. It means taking a less is more approach to open shelves and maintaining clutter-free counters. However, while we love this aesthetic, we’re not quite sure what we’re supposed to do with all of our stuff. Answer: this DIY from Ikea Billy Oxberg Cabinet. With just a little fluted filling, chalk painting, and acrylic and brass cabinet handles, this handyman designed a coastal farm cabinet that could be part of Serena and Lily latest collection.

spanish arches in wardrobes, doors and fireplace surrounds have a great time. But they’re not exactly one practical investment. “Not only does it take expensive skilled carpentry work to add arches, but homes that mention arches in their listing descriptions sell for 1.3% less than similar homes…” Zillow’s Amanda Pendleton. Don’t worry, because Tamara Smith from @mygrandparentschair has a hack that is economical and removable for when you want to put your home on the market. With just a few coats of paint, trim and spectacular hardboard, Smith transformed the Billy Ikea Bookcase in a timeless and personalized integrated bookcase that is so now (you can find the IG tutorial here).

Confession: We love a good designer dupe, and this Inspired by Studio McGee hack is crazy. Julianna Claire from Blush and camouflage took the Ikea Tarva 6-drawer dresser and turned it over in a beautiful handmade piece with some cane strap, brass handles and weathered oak stain. The finished work looks almost identical to that of McGee & Co. Six-drawer summer dresser, so you can get the vibe until you can afford the real deal. Find the full tutorial here.

Regarding textile trends for 2021, loop padded parts are Mecca. But, like most items in the luxury design world, most of these comfy statement pieces are astronomically expensive. To finish, we found a DIY loop that we can actually afford! The talented Drew Scott of Lonely fox took the Tullsta armchair Ikea and converted it into a much sought-after staple with loop pile fabric and pool noodles. Yes, you heard us, pool noodles. Watch the full video of how he did it here.

We understood; DIY fluted accents are all the rage. But sometimes they can look messy and “homemade”. Not in this case. This DIYer used medium density fibreboard, two Bekant trays, wooden dowel rods and a coat of matte black paint to create a dining table that Kelly wearstler would covet. It’s chic, it’s sophisticated, it’s avant-garde AND it doesn’t cost a fortune. We are clarifying our weekend plans to face this one.

Jonesing for the Anthropologie Reese mirror? If it’s out of your budget, consider this easy DIY instead. All you need is two sheets of plywood, finishing lumber, and nine packs of Ikea Lots Mirrors, and you’re good to go! Discover this tutorial by Sorry girls for a step-by-step guide to bringing it to life.

Helping your houseplants survive the winter may seem like a futile exercise (not to mention how ugly indoor greenhouses can watch). Now there is a hack that is both chic and functional, so you can have your designer (vegetarian) cake and eat it too. Using the Ikea Rudsta Furniture, grow lights and one rechargeable fan, this handyman created a plant sanctuary that tons of handymen have reproduced on the @ikeagreenhousecabinet Instagram pages.

There is a pattern here: All Anthropology key turns to gold and we can’t afford all of it. Fortunately, smart handymen love @__karaweber saved our wallets with this nifty Malm Ikea Dresser To hack. All she used were these adorable brushed gold cabinet handles and that vinyl textured wallpaper to create an easily anthro-passable bohemian-luxury look.

Last but not least, this light tip (because who doesn’t like a good rattan pendant light?). Using the Ikea Seagrass lampshade, this handyman took Jute twine, Command hooks and Adjustable lights + hands-free to create a simple, easy and friendly rattan pendant light that is sure to add character to your apartment.

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