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10 Most Creative Battles In Dragon Ball Super

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Dragon Ball Super works as a satisfying expansion to the iconic action series that’s packed with powerful enemies, incredible transformations, and brilliant battles between good and evil.

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the dragonball the characters are at their peak in Great, but the anime is full of more inventive altercations where victory depends on more than physical power. Some of the fights Dragon Ball Super portray the franchise in its most creative and fearless form.

dragonballTournament of Power features many eclectic races from across the multiverse. Moro’s exhaustive jailbreak at Galactic Patrol Headquarters results in many dangerous fugitives who prey on Earth’s heroes as Moro regains his youth and the full extent of his magical abilities. This pits Chiaotzu and Tien against Bikkura Quoitur, a member of the Metalman race.

These mechanical threats are huge and extremely heavy, but they’re also surprisingly thin-skinned when it comes to insults. It’s such a silly change of pace when Chiaotzu terrorizes this monster, but it’s even funnier because Chiaotzu’s trash talk could use a lot of work.

9 Android 18 triumphs over the Magical Girl Ribrianne stereotype

One of the most exciting parts of the Tournament of Power is that each competing universe feels like it’s coming out of an entirely different anime genre. This is most distinct in Universe 2, which embraces the aesthetics of the Magic Girl anime. Ribrianne is the ultimate fighter of Universe 2 and an awesome fusion that hovers over the battlefield.

Ribrianne’s attacks, like his big finisher, Max Love Cannon, feel very out of place in dragonball. Androids 17 and 18 take on Ribrianne, but it’s Android 18 who eliminates him. It’s an emotional defeat as it encapsulates how Android 18’s love of Krillin triumphs over Universe 2’s flashy presentation.

8 Goku’s ultra instinct culminates in a powerful avatar that eliminates planet-absorbed Moro

Planet-Eater Moro has a vengeful grudge that has festered over millions of years, and he forces the heroes to master new tactics and transformations. Initially, Moro’s quest for his youth and the techniques he borrows are reminiscent of Demon King Piccolo and Cell. However, the final act of this fight is the greatest spectacle ever seen in dragonball.

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Moro literally merges with the planet and weapon against Goku. To retaliate, Goku finally gains access to honed Ultra Instinct, which allows him to control an energy avatar against Planet-Absorbed Moro.

7 Piccolo against the invisible dangers of the gamisalas in the tournament of power

The Tournament of Power features non-stop combat, which is exciting but can get exhausting if there isn’t enough variety in the battles. The heroes of Universe 7 learn that Universe 4 is full of surprises when it comes to their fighters. Many mysterious eliminations are courtesy of Gamisalas, an invisible warrior from Universe 4.

Piccolo’s very sharp Namekian senses give him a good read on Gamisalas. Piccolo and Gohan then launch a barrage of ki blasts that reveal Gamisalas’ silhouette through the displaced dust, allowing Piccolo to knock him out.

6 Gotenks faces compromised hero when fused fighter faces Copy-Vegeta

One of the dumbest and least essential mini-arcs in Dragon Ball Super involves Planet Potaufeu and the evil Vegeta doppelgänger that was created in the process. This eventually turns into a fight between Goku and Copy-Vegeta, but before Goku takes over, it’s Gotenks who does the heavy lifting.

The battles of Gotenks are few and far between, especially in Dragon Ball Super, so it’s significant that he’s going up against Vegeta, of all people. It’s a tricky battle as Gotenks tries to come up with a winning strategy, but it’s all made worse by the fact that the real Vegeta is forced to casually watch these debates while he feeds a restorative pacifier.

5 Goku uses Instant Transmission to jump across the universe to counter Gas’ aggression

the Dragon Ball Super the manga has ventured far beyond the conclusion of its corresponding anime series, and the heroes are currently occupied with the unprecedented power of the Heeter Force’s Gas. Gas is a unique threat that has gained exceptional strength from both the Dragon Balls and a Power Inhibitor that limits its aggression.

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Gas makes extensive use of weapons and restraints made from ki energy, which can either attack targets or confine them in place. This anomaly, combined with Goku’s strategy of abusing his Instant Transmission powers to teleport Gas across the galaxy, is easily one of the most unpredictable fights in the series.

4 Goku reveals that Blue Kaioken is a crucial time-skipping tactic against the hit

Dragon Ball Super finds great success in their ongoing clashes between Universe 7’s strongest fighters and their companion dimension, Universe 6. Goku.

Hit’s sleek maneuvers are creative on their own, but this impressive opponent pushes Goku to combine two deadly abilities for the first time. Goku reverts to his classic Kaio-Ken power boost ability and combines it with Super Saiyan Blue’s extra strength. Blue Kaioken Goku is a creative fusion of Goku’s past and present, which helps him defeat Hit, but at a cost.

3 Eternal rivals become amazing allies when Goku and Frieza face off against Jiren

Most of the Tournament of Power happens with Universe 7’s fighters completely dominating their competition. The only exception is Universe 11’s Jiren, one of the top members of the prestigious Pride Troopers, who becomes Goku’s main rival in the tournament.

Jiren’s enormous strength causes Goku to tap into the power of Ultra Instinct for the first time, which is a pivotal sequence, but it’s still a wayward process. What’s even more exciting about Goku’s new transformation is that he and Frieza are able to really work together as a team to take on Jiren. Frieza represented the ultimate evil in dragonball for so long that this surprising alliance is not lost on the public.

2 Future Trunks and his Sword of Hope nearly sever an immortal threat

The heroes in Dragon Ball Super are plunged into a real mystery when an infamous duplicate of Goku begins to threaten the safety of the universe. This Goku Black scheme is just one step in the complex plan implemented by Zamasu.

Zamasu nearly completes his mission to wipe out all mortals, and it is ultimately Omni-King Zeno’s divine intervention that extinguishes this immortal threat. Before Zeno righted this wrong, Future Trunks proves himself against Fused Zamasu and unleashes his Sword of Hope seismic attack. The Sword of Hope doesn’t finish off Zamasu, but it is another creative element of this atypical encounter.

1 Beerus takes on all the Gods of Destruction in a brutal battle royale

Dragon Ball Super adds considerable celestial deities into the mix with gods of destruction, angels, and even bigger figures. Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, is a considerable threat who has never been able to show the full extent of his destructive powers.

Beerus’ strength trumps most of Universe 7, but a fascinating development takes place during the Tournament of Power. the Dragon Ball Super the manga features a free-for-all god of destruction when the rulers of the universes target Beerus for his universe’s insolence. These Gods of Destruction always limit their abilities, but it’s scary to consider the potential fallout from this clash.

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