December 2, 2022
  • December 2, 2022

1962 Dodge W200 Power Wagon is our Bring A Trailer auction pick

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• Our Bring a Trailer of the Day selection is this refurbished 1962 Dodge W200 Power Wagon.

• It’s hard to imagine a truck that would stand out more at your local auto show.

• Bidding is open on this 1962 model until Monday 11 April.

    You can’t throw a stone at a new off-road truck today without hitting a crew cab. In fact, don’t throw stones at the trucks. Instead, consider that the four-door crew-cab configuration wasn’t really a thing in the United States until the 1960s. It means this 1962 Dodge W200 Power Wagon might be the closest thing to a direct ancestor of today’s 2022 Ram HD 2500 Power Wagon, which is only available with a crew cab.

    1962 Dodge Power Wagon

    Bring a trailer

    Shortly after the International Travelette, Dodge’s first generation D and W 200 series pickup trucks (D for two-wheel drive, W for four-wheel drive) were among the first in the United States to feature a cab configuration multiplace. Aside from the added seats, the styling of these versions remains distinct to this day.

    As for the Power Wagon moniker, it goes way back to civilian versions of Dodge heavy military trucks built during World War II. Think of these trucks as off-road work trucks designed for towing and hauling anywhere rather than high-speed Baja toys.

    1962 Dodge Power Wagon

    Bring a trailer

    According to the ad, this Power Wagon was originally purchased and used by the Rollins Fire Department of Montana before undergoing a cosmetic and mechanical refurbishment. It features a 225 cubic inch straight-six engine, commonly referred to as a slant-six, and a four-speed manual transmission. The auction listing says both have been rebuilt.

    Whoever took care of the renovation has good taste. The green and white exterior stands out well, and we admire the restraint in wheel and tire sizes. The 19-inch steel wheels are wrapped in Goodyear tires and house drum brakes on all four corners.

    1962 Dodge Power Wagon

    Bring a trailer

    Inside, beige vinyl on the doors, roof, and front and rear bench seats is a nice addition to an otherwise utilitarian interior. Other highlights include an upbeat 100mph speedometer and an ashtray in the center console. You won’t find cup holders; instead there is a sticker explaining the direction to move the levers aside the shifter to engage the front axle and two-speed transfer case. Also note that these 1962 models featured locking front hubs.

    This W200 Power Wagon currently has a high bid of $27,000 and the auction is set to end on Monday, April 11.

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