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by on August 28, 2021 0
The disposable cup is a good metaphor for the fleeting nature of our environment. Photo: Mitch Teich Aug 28, 2021 – Thomas Wolfe wrote, You can’t go home anymore. Or so I am told. I spent a lot of time when I was younger scratching my head and trying to figure out where this... Read More

“Catastrophic” pollution afflicts Libyan beaches

by on August 25, 2021 0
With untreated sewage in the water and garbage piled on the sand, pollution on Tripoli’s Mediterranean coast is preventing residents of the war-torn Libyan capital from escaping. The Environment Ministry last month ordered the closure of a number of beaches along the 30-kilometer coastline of Greater Tripoli, despite the scorching summer heat. “The situation... Read More

DISCOM’s overhaul plan could speed up payments and strengthen transport network

by on August 25, 2021 0
The Ministry of Power (Swab) last month released detailed guidelines for the reform-based results-based power distribution program over the next five years. The program aims to reduce overall technical and commercial (AT&C) losses across India to 12-15% and improve the quality and reliability of consumers’ power supply through a financially and operationally efficient distribution... Read More

Diagnosing Distal Tibial Articular Surface Fractures in Tibial Stem Fractures: Is CT Scan Always Necessary?

by on August 24, 2021 0
This article was originally published here Goals: To identify the incidence of distal joint fractures in a series of distal shaft fractures of the third tibia and to report the utility of both computed tomography (CT) and radiographic investigation reports of the distal extension of the fractures in the articular surface of the tibia... Read More