January 12, 2022
  • January 12, 2022

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CES 2022: wireless power for everyone

by on January 11, 2022 0
We don’t need a stinky wall power, according to vendors leading the charge to usable long-range wireless power transmission While wireless charging has been around for a while (like charging my iPhone in the center console of my Toyota), CES shows real power at real distances measured in meters, not centimeters. At one booth,... Read More

Stafford introduces shaft collars and brackets that can be modified to eliminate the need for custom orders

by on January 11, 2022 0
Modifications may include hex, key, round, square, and thread bores as well as mounting holes, countersunk slots, OD flats, cam faces, rolls, notches, pulley grooves, etc. Supplied with various bore modifications and outside diameter treatments, these modified standard parts reduce costs by eliminating the need for custom orders. They are ideal for food processing... Read More

The Great Siberian Thaw | The New Yorker

by on January 10, 2022 0
One of the more outlandish proposals came from a Soviet scientist named Mikhail Gorodsky, who called for the positioning of an artificial dust ring – similar to Saturn’s rings – around the Earth, to create a thermal dome. above the poles which would increase temperatures to the point that the permafrost would disappear entirely.... Read More

Hidden shaft and gears make this hollow clock work

by on January 9, 2022 0
Hollow Clock 3 is a fantastic 3D printed version of a clock movement that uses a hidden mechanism to perform its unusual operation. The hollow clock has no face, just an open space with an hour and minute hand that moves as expected. Only the longest minute hand has an apparent connection to the... Read More