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From the farm: A blown engine with cattle on board

by on October 30, 2022 0
First there was the explosion, then husband Bruce shouted, “Stop!” With nowhere to stop as smoke billowed from the Ford F450 pickup and billowed behind the stock trailer, I pulled over on the freeway, turned off the engine, tugged on the hood and grabbed the fire extinguisher. Bruce jumped out of the cabin to... Read More

Equipment: Woodman Arms Patriot Muzzleloader

by on October 28, 2022 0
For many years, the muzzleloader market has been driven by innovation. Each new year has brought technology and design changes that have improved performance and advanced the sport. Of course, it was inevitable that it would plateau at some point. For some time we have been witnessing, with few exceptions, a race to the... Read More

Half Shaft Market Development by Key Organizations, Provincial Viewpoint, Models and Forecast by 2029 | GKN, NTN, Nexteer

by on October 28, 2022 0
Reading time:3 minutes, 35 seconds New Jersey (USA) – The Half Shafts market research report provides all the insights related to the industry. It gives the outlook of the market by giving authentic data to its client which helps in making essential decisions. It provides an overview of the market, which includes its... Read More

SCG adopts a three-pronged vision for the future

by on October 27, 2022 0
Focus on logistics, renewable energies Mr Roongrote, left, and Thammasak Sethaudom, SCG’s new deputy chief executive, expect the development of logistics, renewable energy and smart living businesses to generate revenue. Siam Cement Group (SCG), Thailand’s largest SET-listed cement maker and industrial conglomerate, is preparing for an economic downturn by focusing on three key businesses... Read More

Global Growth of Non-Battery Energy Storage (NBES)

by on October 27, 2022 0
Dublin, Oct. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Global Growth Opportunities for Batteryless Energy Storage (NBES)” report has been added to from offer. Renewable energy generation has been at the heart of decarbonization initiatives by governments and the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector. Energy storage solutions address the challenges posed by renewable energy... Read More

New dam on the River Nett planned

by on October 26, 2022 0
David Colburn NETT LAKE – An aging and ailing concrete dam controlling the waters of Nett Lake is about to be demolished and replaced with a new design that will have ecological benefits for the Nett Lake and River.The need to replace the dam, which was built in 1987 about three miles downriver from... Read More

Four youths killed in road crashes – The New Indian Express

by on October 26, 2022 0
By Express press service BHADRAK/SAMBALPUR: Two youths died after a truck rammed their motorbike into NH-16 near the Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Limited (OPTCL) division office on the outskirts of Bhadrak town on Monday night. The deceased were identified as Jayaprakash Pradhan (24) from Hatisahi and Minaketan Bindhani (25) from Ramnagar village within Bhadrak... Read More

Bayonetta 3 Review – Review

by on October 25, 2022 0
Let’s reach the climax. Many games struggle to find the balance between style and substance, but Bayonetta 3 has an abundance of both. One moment it puts you in a fight sequence where you’ll pull off combos and maneuvers that seem straight out of a fighting game, then the next moment you’ll be on... Read More

Adcole reveals the future of optical shaft metrology with the new OptiShaft-10 series, featuring advanced edge detection technology

by on October 24, 2022 0
MARLBOROUGH, Mass., October 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Adcole, LLC today announced the launch of the OptiShaft Series-10 line of optical shaft metrology gauges. Designed in cooperation with a technology partner with over 75 years of optical measurement expertise, the OptiShaft brings a modern approach that will meet the exacting standards of shaft measurement in... Read More

Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS Corridor Records First Tunnel Breakthrough at Meerut | Metro Rail Today

by on October 22, 2022 0
Meerut, India (Metro rail Today): The Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut corridor of India’s first RRTS witnessed the first tunnel breakthrough at Meerut on 22 October 2022. Sudarshan 8.3 (TBM) made a breakthrough from the tunnel at Begumpul RRTS station. Mr. Vinay Kumar Singh, MD, NCRTC, initiated the breakthrough by pressing a button remotely in the presence of... Read More

8 ways to increase the security of your Android device

by on October 20, 2022 0
Cybercrime statistics are grim and getting worse. Yes, it CAN happen to you! Android powers 70% of phones worldwide; according to a recent research paper from the University of Cambridge, 87% are extremely vulnerable. Luckily, there are some very powerful, common-sense everyday ways to make your Android more resilient to cyber threats and occasional... Read More

How to Achieve Ultimate Penetration

by on October 19, 2022 0
I believe the broadhead design is the most important factor in arrow penetration. A streamlined, pointed head like the G5 Striker V2 will maximize your arrow’s kinetic energy at impact. October 19, 2022 By Chuck Adams A few days before writing this, I had... Read More

NGCP: suspension of construction of San Simon electrical substation will affect supply

by on October 19, 2022 0
National Grid Corp. of the Philippines said on Wednesday that customers in Pampanga could face transmission service reliability issues after the local government unit of San Simon ordered the closure of the construction site of the 230-kilovolt substation in San Simon. “Without this substation, the reliability of transmission services in the Pampanga region is... Read More

A new lab to explore quantum mysteries

by on October 19, 2022 0
Filled with tunneling particles, electron sinks, charmed quarks and zombie cats, quantum mechanics takes everything Sir Isaac Newton taught about physics and throws it out the window. Every day, researchers uncover new details about the laws that govern the smallest building blocks of the universe. These details not only increase scientific understanding of quantum... Read More

5 things to consider about your seeder drive system

by on October 17, 2022 0
It is essential to try to eliminate vibration on your drill drive system. Vibration from chains and sprockets moving across the field at more than 13 seeds per second can take a performance meter and cause skips, doubles and spacing errors. Make sure all chains and sprockets work well Chains must be properly lubricated.... Read More

Are we living in 2022 or 1984?| The star of the day

by on October 17, 2022 0
Mon Oct 17 2022 5:49 PM Last updated on: Mon Oct 17 2022 6:08 PM Despite numerous assurances from the government, load shedding continues to disrupt our national life. VISUAL: BIPLOB CHAKROBORTY “> Despite numerous assurances from the government, load shedding continues to disrupt our national life. VISUAL: BIPLOB CHAKROBORTY We are now more... Read More

5 Villains Who Never Appeared In The Movies

by on October 17, 2022 0
The titular character of Superman The franchise ranks among the likes of Batman and Spider-Man as one of the superheroes with the most iconic rogues galleries in the entire genre. However, the Man of Steel live-action movies have failed to fully explore his roster of enemies. To date, the only two Superman villains to... Read More

Slow-Grid Projects Limit Power Generation Benefits

by on October 15, 2022 0
Even though the country has reached record power generation capacity, grid expansion for better power distribution has not kept pace with growth. There are 17 projects involving Tk 63,739 crore to construct a reliable and uninterrupted power transmission system, but their implementation pace is much slower than desired. The Power Grid Company of Bangladesh... Read More

There’s only one mineshaft left

by on October 13, 2022 0
The ghost town of Osceola in Houghton County was/is an unincorporated community that was conglomerated with a bunch of other copper towns in the Keweenaw Peninsula. This should not be confused with Osceola County which is just west of Clare, or Osceola Township in Livingston County. No – it’s very high in the UP... Read More

‘Crimson Spin’ brings da Vinci helicopter design to life

by on October 12, 2022 0
By Ben Forrest | October 12, 2022 Estimated reading time 6 minutes, 43 seconds. In the final months of 2020, Austin Prete embarked on a 500+ year-old project. While working on a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering at the University of Maryland (UMD), Prete began testing, and eventually flying, a small aerial screw-powered quadcopter... Read More

Permit reform is a necessity to meet emissions targets

by on October 12, 2022 0
The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which was largely the product of negotiations between Sen. Joe Manchin and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, includes about $370 billion for energy investments clean – from large-scale commercial projects to consumer credits and rebates – all of which will work to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by approximately... Read More

Jordan Travis, QB, Florida State

by on October 12, 2022 0
Florida State QB Jordan Travis has shown flashes throughout his college career. But in 2022, he is forging his way into the NFL Draft conversation. What does Travis’ scouting report say about his career potential? Jordan Travis NFL Draft Profile Position: QC School: state of florida Current year: Junior Red Shirt Size weight: 6’1″,... Read More

Six simple tips for a safe harvest season

by on October 10, 2022 0
Editor’s Note: The following was written by Iowa State University Extension Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Program Specialist Ben Covington, Agricultural Technology Program Coordinator Ryan W. Bergman, and Matt Darr, professor in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, for the September 27 Integrated Crop Management Blog. Safety should be a top concern for all... Read More

Bear breaks into the Clayton hardware store

by on October 8, 2022 0
It’s not uncommon to see black bears in northeast Georgia, but it’s downright rare to see them staring at you from a store window. That’s what happened to Tiger’s David Griggs on Friday as he drove through Clayton on his way home from work. While walking down South Main Street around 1 a.m., Griggs... Read More

Here’s Every 2023 Subaru Forester Trim Explained

by on October 7, 2022 0
Consumers have different preferences, even when it comes to the vehicle they drive. Some prefer sedans or SUVs, while others prefer sports cars or pickup trucks. Their preferences may depend on their needs or other influences, such as their culture or the people around them. Automotive preferences, however, go beyond vehicle type – they... Read More

Plans for single charging station on FHSU campus move forward

by on October 6, 2022 0
06/10/22 By FHSU University Communications HAYS, Kan. – When Eric Deneault, associate professor of applied technology, and former assistant professor of computer science Dmitry Gimon five years ago began thinking about a collaborative project for FHSU, they were looking for a way to create cross-disciplinary synergies as well as a fun gathering place on... Read More

Pushing the boundaries of traditional solar devices

by on October 5, 2022 0
The sun is arguably the most important renewable resource, providing energy in the form of heat and light. As recent trends suggest, with solar panels becoming more of a regular sight on people’s homes, harvesting and converting solar energy is becoming increasingly popular. Image Credit: Although solar cells are not new, recent advances... Read More