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5 things to consider about your seeder drive system

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It is essential to try to eliminate vibration on your drill drive system.

Vibration from chains and sprockets moving across the field at more than 13 seeds per second can take a performance meter and cause skips, doubles and spacing errors.

Make sure all chains and sprockets work well

Chains must be properly lubricated. Replace the chains every year, they are quite inexpensive.


You also want to check the sprockets themselves.

If the sprocket teeth begin to wear, it will create chatter and accelerated chain wear, which will affect the performance of the seed meter.


Check tensioners and rollers.

If you see that a tensioner is worn, it can create vibrations in a chain causing it to come and go. You’ll want to replace this idler.


Remove the seeder hex shaft drive chain.

Put a wrench on the hex shaft and spin it and feel for any grinding that may occur. If it doesn’t feel smooth, you’ll want to remove the hex shaft and check that the bearings themselves spin smoothly. If not, be sure to replace them.

When replacing bearings, check for proper alignment on all sections of your drill’s hex shaft.

Misalignment can cause a section of your planter rows to have a sloping characteristic. This means that the population will rise and fall and rise and fall as the alignment of these driving dogs begins to change as you cross the field. Check at each bend point or shaft transition point on the drill.


If your planter has a cable drive, you will need to disconnect the cable drives and inspect the ends to make sure there is no fraying. Fraying at the ends of the cable drives can create vibration and improper rotation of the seed meter. This will also result in poor spacing down to the floor.

These maintenance items take a bit of time, but they are things you can check during the offseason. Catching these mistakes before you hit the field will save you a ton of downtime or regretting a bad position in the coming season.

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