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7 hard-to-get consoles for months after launch

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While Nintendo and Sony are reporting massive sales figures for their consoles, with the Switch currently at 89 million consoles sold and the PlayStation 5 at 10 million consoles sold, it can be easy to forget that neither system has been sold. has been the easiest to find lately. While the Nintendo Switch is more readily available this year, the PlayStation 5 has been nearly impossible to locate for a year now.

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It’s actually pretty common in the video game industry, as fans are almost always hungry for new material when it launches. For a number of reasons, console developers are rarely able to fully meet demand in the first few months. But sometimes things can get extreme even for fans who are used to it.

7 Xbox 360 was sold out everywhere except Japan

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 was Microsoft’s real start in the game. Their first attempt with the Xbox was a good one, backed by a unique IP address that couldn’t be found anywhere else. But the Xbox 360 became the first console to deliver high-definition graphics to fans, and they couldn’t get enough of it.

Microsoft started making the consoles just two months before launch, and as a result, they were sold everywhere except Japan for months. Of course, that didn’t stop the system from moving ten million in less than a year.

6 PlayStation 2 was unable to meet demand after encountering supply issues

Sony PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 continued what the original Sony PlayStation console began. Sony was bringing video games to the mainstream, which meant more people around the world were playing them than regular kids.

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But after months of incredible hype, the company soon found itself faced with the reality of not being able to have the supply to meet the demand. Initial launch quantities were much lower than expected, and to make matters worse, people were buying and scalping consoles online for considerably higher prices.

5 PlayStation 4 had sufficient supply but fans still couldn’t find it on store shelves

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony has done its best to properly meet demand with the PlayStation 4, after seeing what could happen if consumers can’t get their hands on the product. To their credit, they did as good a job as they could have, but that didn’t stop the system from selling itself. At launch, fans were hungry for a new console, as the last PlayStation was seven years old.

While the system wasn’t backwards compatible, no one really cared as long as it meant they could get graphics upgrades. Fans took a mediocre launch lineup and put up with it by playing top quality indie games and just waiting for the good things to finally be released to the public. The system was out of stock during the holidays, although by early 2014 Sony had mostly got its supply chain under control and people could buy the console whenever they wanted.

4 Xbox series doesn’t have sales on PS5 but fans can still barely find it

Xbox Series

The Xbox Series is doing pretty well for a system that launched without too many exclusives. While Microsoft has bought out a ton of developers, this approach has yet to yield much in terms of video games, in part because it just takes a long time to develop new games in the first place. Even their major main title, Halo Infinite, was forcibly delayed due to poor reaction to gameplay.

None of this has kept the system from being exhausted, and currently people are not able to get one directly from places like Wal-Mart or Amazon.

3 The PlayStation 5 is still sold out almost a year after its release

Sony PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 has a lot to do. Despite being a $ 500 console and getting a lot of memes, fans have been trying to get it from the moment it was announced. Internet users turned the console into a meme, joking about what they would do to get someone else to buy it for them.

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Now that the system has been released, it is impossible to find it on the shelves of stores. Scalpers sell the console for $ 800 and $ 900, acquiring the console through bots that take over any new system placed on websites as soon as possible, even eight months after the console’s release.

2 Nintendo Wii sold out a year and a half after release

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii was a small miracle for Nintendo, which ultimately made some bad business decisions with the GameCube. Although they are the most well-known of the three companies, they managed to finish firmly behind the Xbox and PlayStation 2 around this time, selling less than 22 million copies.

But with the Wii, the company did everything right: They had a solid launch lineup and a reasonable price point at a time when there was a recession and Xbox and PlayStation were releasing $ 400 consoles. (And the PlayStation even had a more expensive SKU which was $ 600.) That, along with the game’s motion controls, has drawn a new audience of people, and the company has followed a different path over the past two generations. The system has been exhausted for a year and a half after its release, well in 2008.

1 Nintendo Switch was hard to get three years after its release

After a disastrous Wii U release where people weren’t even sure if it was a new console or a Wii add-on, Nintendo took a whole different approach with its next console. Realizing that they had always dominated the portable space, Nintendo decided to combine the next generation console and portable systems to create one of their most successful systems of all time.

This allowed them to develop a variety of games for all audiences and bring in people who loved DS and 3DS as well as people who wanted console games. Ultimately, the system was sold until July. And that wasn’t even the worst, as the system was also sold out in 2020, with fans around the world wanting to enjoy all of Nintendo’s family titles while they were stuck in their homes. Currently, Mario Kart is still a monster seller alongside Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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