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  • 7 workers killed after falling from elevator shaft in building under construction in Ahmedabad: The Tribune India

7 workers killed after falling from elevator shaft in building under construction in Ahmedabad: The Tribune India

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Ahmedabad, September 14

Seven workers were killed and one was seriously injured after falling to the ground while working inside an elevator shaft at a building under construction in the city of Ahmedabad on Wednesday morning, police said .

Police had previously put the death toll at eight, but an official later said one worker was undergoing treatment.

The incident happened around 9:30 a.m. at the site near Gujarat University.

A senior police official initially said the elevator carrying the workers crashed to the ground from the seventh floor, but later police said the workers fell when the structure inside the cage elevator had given way.

“Six workers who were working inside the elevator shaft on the 13th floor fell to the ground after the support structure suddenly collapsed,” Deputy Police Commissioner LB Zala said.

“Two others who worked on the fifth floor also fell after losing their balance. Seven of them died while one was undergoing treatment,” he added.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the necessary security measures were not in place and that appropriate measures will be taken if negligence is found on the part of the contractor, the CPA said.

An eyewitness who worked on the ground floor told reporters that the victimized workers were from the Panchmahal district.

They weren’t wearing any safety gear, he said.

Ahmedabad Fire Chief, Jayesh Khadia said he was surprised that firefighters received no calls after the incident.

“We received no calls. We learned of the incident from the media. Our primary analysis suggests that the structure on which these workers were standing inside the elevator shaft collapsed for unknown reasons. “, did he declare.

Ahmedabad Mayor Kirit Parmar said the police would take necessary action against the builders if they were found to have broken the laws.

“The builders had obtained the necessary permits from the Municipal Corporation to construct the building. But although the incident took place around 9.30am, our officials were informed around 11.30am,” Parmar said.