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ABB’s smart solutions protect power in one of Vietnam’s largest data centers

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The Swedish-Swiss multinational ABB has entered into a partnership with the Vietnamese company CMC Creative Space, the company recently announcement. CMC Creative Space is one of the largest data centers combining a level 3 international standards data center with two office towers in Vietnam, through which ABB will provide the critical energy necessary to provide reliable and efficient services for Meet demands for data and scanning services with the System pro E Power Solution.

This partnership reflects ABB’s commitment to sustainable energy management while maintaining energy efficiency and power reliability in the region, particularly with the data center market in South Asia. – Is expected to grow by $ 12.60 billion between 2021 and 2025 as a result of the e-commerce boom, the company said.

To ensure that data centers are built in a sustainable manner to avoid repercussions in the future, smarter and more efficient energy solutions will be the key to sustainable growth.

ABB’s System pro E Power meets all electrical installation requirements in terms of flexible communication protocols, advanced protection functions and offers the highest electrical and mechanical characteristics.

The system interacts seamlessly with ABB’s low voltage equipment such as high-end circuit breakers and trip units – Ekip Touch and Ekip Hi-touch, which meet the highest network requirements and guarantee a high quality and simplified connection to the switchgear, helping CMC Creative Space to obtain maximum efficiency from its electrical installation.

For greater visibility, the low-voltage switchgear is also connected to the entire building management system via a high-level Modbus TCP / IP and Modbus RS485 communication module. This allows for easy installation and connection and allows the building operator to manage and monitor the status of the device remotely from anywhere, anytime, and helps the homeowner ensure business continuity. power supply and reduce operating and maintenance costs by preventing unexpected device failure.