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  • Adcole reveals the future of optical shaft metrology with the new OptiShaft-10 series, featuring advanced edge detection technology

Adcole reveals the future of optical shaft metrology with the new OptiShaft-10 series, featuring advanced edge detection technology

By on October 24, 2022 0

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., October 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Adcole, LLC today announced the launch of the OptiShaft Series-10 line of optical shaft metrology gauges. Designed in cooperation with a technology partner with over 75 years of optical measurement expertise, the OptiShaft brings a modern approach that will meet the exacting standards of shaft measurement in industries such as automotive, including EV applications , NEV, hybrid and traditional drive/powertrain, aerospace, robotics, power generation, pumps and compressors among many others.

Featuring intuitive software that allows operators to easily program measurement routines, a simple mouse click or button press deploys decades of innovative technology development into fast measurements that lead to reliable, accurate and precise results . Telecentric optics, collimated LED illumination, advanced edge detection technology and automatic point generation that allow for easy feature extraction are just some of the highlights that will give customers the satisfaction and comfort that accompany the robust performance of the OptiShaft.

“The OptiShaft gauge is a perfect complement to Adcole’s line of renowned industrial touch-sensitive metrology gauges. When our customers value speed and flexibility for their metrology needs, the OptiShaft delivers while meeting rigid standards of “accuracy reliable” from Adcole”, said Jeff Walker, President and CEO of Adcole. “We are excited to offer another great option to our customers that will meet today’s demands and tomorrow’s requirements for accurate and precise shaft metrology.”

Designed for workshop use, the OptiShaft uses a stable granite base for vibration isolation, a light curtain for operator safety, an air blast to help clean parts before measurements, optics that drop below the stage for protection when not in use, and tailstock maneuverability with one hand. Capable of monitoring the entire operating process through end-of-line measurements, Adcole’s OptiShaft gauge will meet the demands of most demanding manufacturing applications.

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Founded in 1957, Adcole LLC develops and manufactures “Trusted Accuracy” gauges for advanced manufacturers worldwide. Adcole’s industrial metrology gauges enable precision manufacturers to exceed quality requirements, meet manufacturing goals, and meet productivity goals. The company’s Cylindrical Coordinate Measuring Machines (CCMM), Surface Roughness Gauges and now Optical Gauges represent leading technologies in the automatic and semi-automatic measuring gauge market.

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