December 2, 2022
  • December 2, 2022

Aismalibar delivers speech at Cooling Days 2021 conference

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Aismalibar delivers speech at Cooling Days 2021 conference

The Cooling Days conference was launched to ensure that developers and equipment manufacturers are optimally prepared to meet these challenges. Many aspects of cooling, especially related to electronic components and PCBs, were discussed at this year’s two-day conference. Experts from science, industry and research explained the most important basics and presented new processes and products for cooling electronics.

Aismalibar Business Development Director Uwe Lemke gave an in-depth presentation, the main focus of which was on Aismalibar’s thermal interface materials technologies.

The materials specifically discussed were:

1. BONDSHEET High Dielectric Strength Cured Thermally Conductive Sheet, Silicone Free

  • Now available plus an adhesive film for easier assembly of the power module
  • Available in single or double sided adhesive
  • Customers can choose from different adhesive film manufacturers
  • At customer’s request, sheets can be profiled to fit the contour of the PCB for prototypes and mass production
  • This technology is available today and Aismalibar can provide samples and support mass production.

2. Double thermal coating, DTC: high thermal conductivity two-layer dielectric bond construction

  • New coating technology being investigated and tested at major automotive suppliers for future electric car applications (e.g. low and high voltage inverters / on-board chargers)
  • Offers excellent thermal conductivity with high dielectric strength
  • The DTC can potentially forgo mechanical connections inside the power module

3. Cured BONDSHEET plus B-Stage coating, combining the best of the two thermal interface technologies (TIM) above

  • Cured thermally conductive foil core combined with B-Stage tie layer
  • Available in single or double sided
  • Under the development of Aismalibar in laboratory condition, the first test samples are available