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America’s beloved pets end up under Team Biden | Column/Editorial

By on July 23, 2022 0

Forget the polls. You know things are bad — really bad — when even our dogs and cats are having fun in the Biden economy.

With crippling inflation at 9.1% – a 40-year high – crushing the middle class, Americans from New York to San Francisco are struggling to make ends meet. We are facing steep increases in rent prices which have skyrocketed by 25.3% for one bedroom on average nationwide and 26.5% for one bedroom year over year. other, according to a July 2022 report from Now add soaring prices for food, gas, travel, and a myriad of other increased expenses that are hurting working families. As such, voters aren’t the only ones suffering under Team Biden; America’s beloved pets are also bearing the brunt of failed Democrat policies – as man’s best friend is tragically abandoned by cash-strapped owners who can no longer afford to take care of it.

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