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  • At the condo where two boys fell into the well, a protest march | News from Noida

At the condo where two boys fell into the well, a protest march | News from Noida

By on May 30, 2022 0
Noida: About 200 residents of Supertech Ecovillage 2 marched in the Noida Extension company on Sunday night to demand that the builder urgently complete the pending works and ensure that another incident like the one last week when two children fell nine stories from a service shaft, is not repeated.
Two boys, cousins ​​aged 12 and 9, fell into an electrical conduit covered with a simple sheet of PVC while playing outside their ninth-floor apartment last Tuesday. Their family said they survived because WiFi cables in the well broke their fall.
Both Siddharth Kumar, 12, and his younger cousin Abheek Shekhar, are being treated at Kailash Hospital in Sector 71, Noida. Both are stable, but Siddharth suffered more serious injuries.
On Sunday, residents began demonstrating around 7:30 p.m. “So far, even the company wall has not been completed. It’s a basic thing that should have been finished when the project started. But the builder didn’t even do that. The children were saved by the grace of God. How do we know this won’t happen with our children? said DK Sinha, who lives in the company.
Siddharth’s father told TOI the family did not participate in Sunday’s protest. “Siddharth is having spine surgery on Monday morning. We are currently focusing on his well-being,” said Amit Kumar (45).
The incident also brought the company under the scanner of GNIDA, which had issued a notice to Supertech. GNIDA Managing Director (Project), AK Arora, said Supertech has yet to respond. “A decision on further action will be taken on Monday,” he said. A Supertech spokesperson did not respond to requests for comment.