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Berg Partners With Yaskawa To Offer New Propeller Shaft Drive Option

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Arrangement of direct drive components

Swedish company Berg Propulsion has signed a key supplier and cooperation agreement to provide system integration capability for permanent magnet (PM) and power electronics products from Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch.

The accord creates a new combined force offering propulsion systems where electric motors directly drive the driveshaft.

“This is the last step in Berg’s strategy to become a fully-fledged electric propulsion systems integrator,” said Stefan Sedersten, CEO of Berg Propulsion. “This unique cooperation underlines the dominant role we envision for electric propulsion of ships in the years to come, based on its efficiency and ability to reduce emissions. Yaskawa / The Switch offers an innovative approach and a portfolio that perfectly matches Berg’s products and expertise. It is a partnership ready to deliver high performance solutions in a market ripe for change.

Berg’s integrator role would see the company take primary responsibility for the complete system definition, installation, commissioning and customer service, Sedersten said.

Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch will supply permanent magnet (PM) machines and power electronics products, proven to the marine market over the past decade, also offering technical support and training. The partners plan to work together to develop solutions to meet the demands of the rapidly changing large vessel market and to conduct joint marketing activities.

“The market for direct drive electric propulsion for large vessels based on PM technology is currently in its infancy,” said Miika Reinikka, Division President at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch. “The strengthening of our collaboration will allow us to influence the trajectory of the market through electrification and to provide electric propulsion and power generation solutions that are energy efficient, flexible and sustainable. This will allow shipping companies to meet demanding emission reduction targets.

“The formalization of this agreement will allow us to capitalize on the success of a number of electrical integration and hybrid vessel projects that Berg has already overseen,” said Jonas Nyberg, West General Manager of Berg Propulsion. “Systems integration has become a core business for Berg and is our fastest growing area of ​​business, marketed and sold through our global sales and distribution network. “

Berg and Yaskawa Environmental Energy have already collaborated on an initial integrated project, providing a gearless system to Canadian shipowner CSL to ensure that propulsion aboard a large bulk carrier will be less vulnerable to ice damage while maximizing l ‘efficiency.

The vessel has four variable speed diesel-electric generator sets with a combined total power of 9.5 MW. With Berg responsible for the design, automation and systems integration, the shafts will be powered by The Switch’s 3MW direct drive gearless electric motors. Yaskawa Environmental Energy also supplies PM generators, DC concentrators with electronic bus links (EBL) and electronic DC circuit breakers (EDCB). Berg also offers adjustable pitch propellers and its patented Twin Fin solution.

The new combination of technology and systems integration expertise provides owners with a solution to convert vessel projects from geared installations to direct drive applications with fixed-pitch and adjustable-pitch propellers, Nyberg said.