August 11, 2022
  • August 11, 2022

Blender? No, crusher | Hackaday

By on December 25, 2021 0

[Leandro Felipe] is no stranger to the dirty hack, and this video of his converting a blender into a portable rotary grinding tool is no exception. (Integrated below.) But the end result is something pretty useful – a lighter, more maneuverable rotary grinder that has a lot more grunt to boot.

(The video is in Portuguese, but the captions work pretty well, once you get over the fact that bots often translate “grinding tool” to “straightener.” And either way, you’re there for the hacks.)

Highlights are a handmade coupling that combines the mixer motor with the flexible shaft and mandrel, purchased separately. And the flattened PVC pipe used as the mounting bracket. And him using the motor itself against a file to “spin” along the drive shaft. And…

The advice of the day comes when he holds the blender motor in a metal vise to test it. Metal and rotating magnets: what’s the worst that can happen? Sparks, smoke and a trip to the thrift store for another used blender.

If you just want to see the finished piece, you can go ahead until the end. But it’s basically, get yourself an adjustable speed blender, couple it to the shaft of a standard grinder, and you’re good to go.

It’s such a conceptually simple idea that you might wonder if Hackaday has ever introduced a dr3mel mixer before. We have. What else can you power with a mixer motor?

Thank you [Danjovic] for the tip!