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Businesses and technicians busy with air conditioning units before the Portland, OR heatwave

By on June 24, 2022 0

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Times are back on the rise and with days to go before the first real heat wave of the season, KOIN 6 is consulting with local cooling experts and companies to see how they’re preparing and what advice they have for customers.

Hardware companies and heating and cooling companies say this has been one of the busiest weeks as people begin to prepare for 90+ degree temperatures in Portland.

With rising temperatures in Portland, your air conditioner dial is likely turning down. Stores like Pearl Hardware say air conditioners and fans have already started flying off the shelves in the past few days.

“It’s certainly been very busy,” said Vivian McMahon, sales associate at Pearl Hardware. “Everyone calls and comes here to buy fans and lots of window air conditioners for apartments and such.”

The store says that while some returned in May to get a head start, sales quickly slowed even in June.

“I think over the last few weeks because it was raining so much, people had stopped coming and buying them because they expected Portland to stay dreary,” McMahon said. “I think people are definitely stressed now about it.”

Other locals have started kicking off by turning on their existing air conditioners, already creating a busy week for service technicians.

“The nice weather has really increased the number of calls,” said Justin Lamer, operations manager at Sunset Heating and Cooling. “As soon as we really start getting that first week of good weather, the calls are overwhelming.”

Portland-based Sunset Heating and Cooling says it has seen many service calls with people turning on their units for the first time this season or adjusting to new systems.

Lamer says it’s important to keep your AC filters clean and changed before summer arrives, but since air conditioning emergencies can still happen, technicians are on standby for this weekend.

“I think everyone remembers last year and the preparation for this summer has been there,” Lamer said. “We’ve seen a lot of people wanting to ride out the storm and be ahead of the curve this year, rather than behind.”

If you’re unable to get an air conditioning unit before this weekend, cooling techs suggest keeping your blinds or curtains closed and using fans to keep the air flowing, and if necessary, see if there is a public cooling center open in your area. .