January 12, 2022
  • January 12, 2022


Mine drop ride where a 6 year old girl fell 110 feet to her death had no arm restrictions to make the roller coaster “more spooky”

by on September 8, 2021 0

A mine drop merry-go-round at a theme park where a little girl fell from over 100 feet to death was designed without any arm restrictions to make the roller coaster “scarier”, according to reports. The six-year-old fell from the haunted mine at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Colorado on Sunday. 4 Haunted Mine Drop...

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How much has the distance really increased? I hit drivers from 5 different years

by on September 4, 2021 0

Through: André Tursky September 4, 2021 André Tursky Welcome to GOLF.com’s ClubTest Proving Ground, where Equipment Editor Jonathan Wall and Equipment Editor Andrew Tursky tested the latest designs and groundbreaking technology in the equipment space on the range and the course. The distance debate is seemingly endless in golf. Those who govern the game,...

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Triumph Tiger 1200 reaches final stages of testing; view details

by on September 1, 2021 0

Triumph Motorcycles said on Wednesday that its all-new Tiger 1200 has now reached its final test stages. The company has also released a teaser that features a camouflaged prototype of the upcoming motorcycle. “Lighter and more powerful, the all-new Tiger 1200 transformation is on the way,” Triumph said in an official statement. “The word...

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Diagnosing Distal Tibial Articular Surface Fractures in Tibial Stem Fractures: Is CT Scan Always Necessary?

by on August 24, 2021 0

This article was originally published here Goals: To identify the incidence of distal joint fractures in a series of distal shaft fractures of the third tibia and to report the utility of both computed tomography (CT) and radiographic investigation reports of the distal extension of the fractures in the articular surface of the tibia...

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Boat Propeller Shaft Market Size, Analysis and Major Suppliers – West Mekan, MAUCOUR FRANCE, Italian Propellers, H? Lices y Suministros Navales, Blokland Non-ferro, VEEM Propellers, SCAM-Marine, Craftsman Marine, Bruntons Propellers

by on August 22, 2021 0

New Jersey, United States, – The Boat Propeller Shaft Market Size and forecast to 2028, this report provides an analysis of the impact of the COVID19 epidemic on the key points influencing the growth of the market. Further, the Boat Propeller Shafts market segments (by major players, types, applications and major regions) outlook, business...

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Global Double Shaft Wastewater Crusher Market (impact of COVID-19) Growth, future demands, trends, types, key growth factors, revenue with detailed analysis 2021-2027

by on August 11, 2021 0

“ This report encompasses the world Global Double Shaft Wastewater Crusher Market market size on the basis of capacity, value, manufacturing and demand data in regions such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa. This study provides information on global Double Shaft Wastewater Crusher market data segmented into producers, region,...

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