December 2, 2022
  • December 2, 2022

Chevrolet C10 Pickup Truck Goes 3 Seconds 1/8 Mile Pass

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the Chevy C10 is one of the most reliable classic vans on the market. It is practical, reliable and easy to purchase and maintain. But one thing it lacks is speed. You go to a drag strip and you will see mostly muscle cars. There are also trucks, but spotting a classic like the C10 is very rare. And when someone actually shows up on the Strip in a drag race-ready modified Chevy C10, you know you have to see what it can do. And boy, this one got on the line. In this video, we see Lyle Barnett appear in his mate Grant Guthrie’s C10 pickup.

1320video is a YouTube channel that features some of the best streetcar videos around the world, whether it’s Rocky Mountain Race Week, Hot Rod Drag Week, Streetcar Takeover, TX2K, Import vs Domestics, or anything in between. of them. When they saw this classic pickup enter the field amid dragsters, they had to cover it.

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Meet ‘Warpath’ The C10 Racer

First of all, the name itself is quite amazing and makes people know what to expect from the car. “Warpath” is a light blue 1965 Chevy C10 that looks like a regular truck from a distance. Apart from a large induction hood and a few stickers on the windshield and side windows, the front of the car almost looks like a normal one. The rear sports a big spoiler and a rear parachute, of course.

But the genuine is inside the hood, or in this case, the entire front. The powertrain is an old-school 521 ci (8.5-liter) six-cylinder Hemi engine with tons of forced induction and billet boost management. There’s the poly-electronic fuel injection, the tuned suspension, the stripped interior, the lot. The Ace Hardware Satin Clear paint job is also noteworthy.

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These guys are serious

Chevrolet C10 and Chevrolet C1500
Via 1320video on YouTube

We only need to know one thing to understand how fast and capable this truck is. This little C10 puts out around 4,000 horsepower based on certain hub counts, and it’s capable of hitting 5,000 horsepower if really turned on. It became the first truck to enter 3-second territory in 8-mile drag races. In the video, they took part in the full-size truck class in no time. Some of the fastest trucks were there to see what they could do, and the races give us some of the best shows in modern drag racing.

The sun was out so the participants had to slow their trucks down a bit, but these things were just too fast. The Warpath mowed down the competition with relative ease and headed into the final race of the event against the Maximus. And we got to see one of the best moments of the whole day! Early on, Warpath was burning too much rubber to get traction, and his opponent took a significant lead. But the C10 rider handled the paddles brilliantly and managed to regain the necessary grip before the end of the race. What followed was a few seconds glimpse of the Warpath’s true potential. The C10 gained such speed in such a short time that it raced to the front of the finish line and won the race in the grandest way possible.

Chevrolet C10 1963

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