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Connector market size and share

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The major players in the connector market are TE Connectivity, Amphenol Corporation, Luxshare Precision Industry Co., Molex, Inc., Aptiv PLC, Foxconn Technology Group, Ltd., Hon Hai Precision, 3M, Rosenberger Group, AMETEK and AVX Corporation.

Pune, India, October 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

The global connectors market size is expected to grow in magnitude during the forecast period owing to the demand for network devices and the growing telecommunications, automotive and IT industries. Regional governments are working to reduce carbon emissions from their sectors and increase the production and sale of electric vehicles (EVs). Customers are also becoming aware of the environmental risks associated with the use of fossil fuel vehicles and are turning to electric vehicles. Below are the trends that will determine the market forecast:

Semiconductors boost PCB connector production in Europe:

PCB connectors are gaining ground across Europe as the need for reliable and durable semiconductors increases. Semiconductors are mainly used in a wide range of consumer electronics and PCB connectors are a vital part of this component.

End users will widely adopt these connectors to enjoy high convenience, stable hardware connection, strong over-current capability, and user-friendly wire test and connection features. In addition, advanced automation technologies are being developed and will be widely used in sectors such as automotive, industry and defense. This factor will increase the installation of PCB connectors.

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The telecoms sector in Europe remains a notable end user of connectors:

Connectors will find strong adoption in the telecommunications industry by Europe as governments focus on developing advanced 5G technology infrastructure. The number of people using the Internet is growing at an exponential rate every year. The need for a strong but secure virtual communication system is expected to play a critical role in expanding connector production. The regional telecoms sector is experiencing some technological innovations, thus stimulating the sale of smart connectors.

Forecasts for the connector market in Germany will see notable progress:

The size of the German connector market will grow at a tremendous rate as public and private sector organizations invest heavily in the development of innovative industrial infrastructure. The ITES and data center sectors are flourishing across the country, which has had a positive impact on the sale of smart grid equipment, such as connectors.

Central authorities offer their support to help the telecommunications, automotive and industrial sectors to develop. The automotive sector in Germany is increasing its production capacity of electric vehicles as they are an efficient alternative to conventional vehicles in terms of environmental impact and fuel consumption. These aspects will favor the production of connectors.

Production of input-output (I / O) connectors is increasing in Asia-Pacific:

The consumer electronics industry in Asia-Pacific is growing at a significant rate as there is heavy use of smartphones and advanced gadgets. Since these electronic devices have separate I / O connectors, including USBs, HDMI cables, and many more, they are used to perform a wide range of functions, such as data transmission and communication. food.

Features, including fast connectivity, high reliability, and the ability to transfer higher volumes of data than their counterparts, have forced consumers to use I / O connectors. As the APAC region is expected to become an IT hub due to the strong presence of several reputable IT companies, the number of established data centers is increasing simultaneously. This will ultimately lead to the massive adoption of I / O connectors to develop a fast and secure connection between electronic devices.

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China captures a large share of the APAC market:

The size of the Chinese connector market will grow at a commendable rate as the industrial, commercial and consumer electronics sectors expand rapidly. Telecommunications systems are modified and renovated using advanced technologies.

The country’s automotive sector is growing at a notable rate to meet the automotive needs of a vast population. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), around 2,565,000 passenger and utility vehicles were sold in September 2020. These factors are likely to create an upward trend in connector production in the country.

Role of connectors in computers and peripherals in Asia-Pacific:

The increasing use of computers and other peripherals will boost the connector production in Asia Pacific. Electronic connectors can securely transmit large volumes of data and can achieve transmission rates of up to 40 Gbps. The use of personal computers is increasing at a substantial rate across the region, leading to the deployment of faster and lighter data connectors in these devices.

Electric vehicle manufacturing is driving the installation of connectors in North America:

The demand for electric vehicles in North America has prompted automakers to develop new production strategies to integrate electrical components into conventional vehicles. Governments offer support in the form of financial assistance and enabling policies to develop innovative and smart EV infrastructure.

To meet the demand for electrical functionality and safety requirements, manufacturers will widely use connectors in the automotive sector. Environmentally-friendly modes of transportation are accelerating among customers in the region, prompting organizations to offer cutting-edge technologies to produce electric vehicles. This factor will propel the manufacture and sale of connectors in North America.

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The American market share is gaining ground:

The US connector market will see an upward trend as the computer networking, telecommunications and automotive industries are booming. Government rules are increasingly favorable to the development of a solid industrial infrastructure. The authorities are increasing their investments in the robotics and defense sectors to develop high-end machines, promoting the development of smart connectors to efficiently operate these machines.

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