December 2, 2022
  • December 2, 2022

Cooler Master unveils its NR200P MAX SFF chassis solution

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Cooler Master has announced the launch of the NR200P MAX, the first iteration of its new line of MAX construction platforms. The extraordinarily optimized NR200P MAX ecosystem gives small form factor enthusiasts a rock-solid start to their builds with fine-tuned components and thoughtful design. MAX products are the physical culmination of Cooler Master’s years of expertise in mechanics, thermal engineering and energy supply, aimed at breaking industrial boundaries and perfecting technological achievements. Housing, thermal and power solutions are pre-customized with never-before-seen product characteristics calibrated to work together in exquisite harmony.

Cooler Master Solution NR200P MAX SFF

Cooler Master NR200P MAX SFF chassis solution

Decked out in slate gray for a modern, stealthy look, the NR200P MAX is the most user-friendly and versatile SFF version on the market. While showing similarities to the best-selling NR200 (P) at a glance, the NR200P MAX features an exclusive housing, top-mounted 280mm AIO water solution, as well as A verified 80 Plus Gold 850 watt power supply, all pre-installed and pre-routed out of the box. Liquid cooling and electrical cables have been changed to custom lengths for a clean look and effortless, quick build.

Its unique and synergistic design allows professionals and entry-level SFF builders to unleash the full potential of any Mini-ITX motherboard, GPU and RAM installed, completely eliminating the complex process of finding product compatibility to achieve a footprint. minimal.

Cooler Master Solution NR200P MAX SFF


The first in the MAX series from Cooler Master – Maximize the performance of your PC with the new MAX series from Cooler Master, complete with customized thermal and power solutions. Tailored to offer versatile hardware compatibility, as well as sufficient space for the largest and widest graphics cards on the market, MAX provides out-of-the-box build platforms for high performance systems.

Cooler Master expertise at its best – The NR200P MAX is a masterpiece integrating Cooler Master’s expertise in thermal, electrical and mechanical design, designed for unstoppable performance and capable of satisfying the most energy-intensive systems.

Refined SFF Building – Get a head start in building your SFF PC! Taking just 18 liters in volume, the NR200P MAX takes the hassle and hassle of cable management out of building a small form factor PC.

Luxurious, ready-to-use solution – A quick out-of-the-box solution for PC enthusiasts who value PC performance the most. The NR200P MAX saves users hours and hours of tedious research with guaranteed hardware

Cooler Master Solution NR200P MAX SFF

Where can I find out more?

The Cooler Master NR200P MAX is expected to hit retailers imminently, with consumers seeking an MSRP of around $ 349.99. – So if you want to know more about this new SFF case design, you can check the official product website via the link here!

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