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Curtin Dubai engineering graduate named national James Dyson Prize finalist

By on October 26, 2022 0

Mohamed’s inspiration for designing such a unique and innovative solution comes from his belief that preventative measures are the best solution to problems. When he heard about a 12-vehicle accident on Highway 427 in Toronto due to one vehicle’s driveshaft failing, it prompted him to read and research more about the systems condition monitoring. As he progressed in his studies on the subject, he developed a keen interest in learning more about preventive engineering and its mechanisms.

Mohamed compares his concept to how earthquakes are predicted due to the observation of vibrations in the ground; he applied a similar strategy in building a predictive model with the addition of an IoT-driven system to develop his framework.

What sets his solution apart from others is that he combined both IoT and condition monitoring techniques and practices to form a prediction model that can quickly detect a transmission failure when it occurs. While smart condition monitoring devices are widely available in the market, there are no pre-developed predictive models for automotive transmission failures or an IoT-connected system between condition monitoring devices. state and control centers.

The James Dyson Prize is an international design award that celebrates, encourages and inspires the next generation of design engineers. The prestigious competition allows budding inventors to make a name for themselves by offering them the chance to win a significant cash prize and generate media exposure to launch their careers.

Mohamed’s plans are to expand the lab-scale setup to include a driveshaft as a specimen. He intends to develop a supervised machine learning program to improve the prediction model and integrate more more compact and connected devices to reduce weight and size. Additionally, as part of the GLEE mission, Mohamed is part of the only UAE team that will design and send a LunaSat to the surface of the Moon in 2023.

Associate Professor Pon Selvan, Head of Science and Engineering at Curtin Dubai, congratulated Mohamed on his remarkable achievement. He said, “Mohamed’s groundbreaking concept and efforts have set a precedent for like-minded students and graduates to innovate and enable the practical application of theoretical concepts to deliver real-world solutions.

“As he continues to develop and improve the prototype, Curtin Dubai’s engineering department will support his initiative and drive further contribution in the field of predictive engineering and science.”