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DC Srinagar visits areas of the city to oversee snow removal and power restoration

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DC Srinagar visits areas of the city to oversee snow removal and power restoration

Orders agents to act quickly to avoid disruption of public delivery services

Posted on Jan 08, 2022 | Author RK Online Office

Following the nightly snowfall in the district, Srinagar Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Aijaz Asad early Saturday morning visited various areas of Srinagar city to inspect snow removal operations and assess firsthand the other arrangements being made. in place to face the challenges of the current situation. weather situation in the district.

Senior officers from MED, PWD, PHE, SMC, PDD, UEED and other departments accompanied him on the tour.

The DC visited various areas of the city including Dalgate, Rajbagh, Lal Ded, Magarmal Bagh, Jehangir Chowk, Batamaloo, Bemina and other adjacent areas. He was informed that the snow from most of the main roads has been cleared by the Mechanical Engineering Department and that about 70 percent of the interior link roads have been cleared, while the Srinagar Municipal Corporation is in the process of clearing the snow. lanes and side lanes for the convenience of the pedestrians.

The deputy commissioner also visited the 132 KV network station in Bemina to take stock of the electrical scenario.

On occasion, the Deputy Commissioner has been informed that electricity is being supplied to most parts of the city according to the notified schedule and that men and machines are at work to restore faulty feeders in parts of the city. . The DC ordered the relevant departments to implement the restoration measures at a rapid pace to restore supply within the next two hours.

The deputy commissioner also asked the agents of SMC, Fire and emergency, UEED, to ensure the drying of all the wet areas as soon as possible. He also asked them to ensure the snow removal of all the interior roads of the district. He insisted on close coordination between operational departments in addition to ensuring that all established control rooms are operational 24 hours a day for the convenience of the general public.

During the visit, DC also requested officials to ensure their presence on the ground during night hours also due to inclement weather so that utilities remain uninterrupted / restored at the earliest.

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