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DC: The 10 Most Hated Villains

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The villains of the DC Universe are meant to be repulsive and gruesome, which makes the superhero all the more likable. But there are villains that DC fans generally don’t like, these villains can be hated for whatever reason.

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It could be that some of the villains are unnecessary, sinister, or have a terrible gadget that doesn’t make sense. But whatever the case, some of the bad guys deserve to be hated, but some are hated for unconventional reasons. However, with all the chaos surrounding the DC Universe, not all villains can be fan favorites.

ten Baby Doll A Batman Villian whose charm doesn’t work on fans

Baby Doll is a hated villain in the Batman universe because she doesn’t look intimidating and is a bit boring. At first glance, it seems Batman shouldn’t have to don the cloak of this supposed villain.

While Baby Doll has an interesting story, that’s really all the character has. She does not pose a threat to Batman, her threat level and skills could and should be handled by the local police. But for some reason, she’s a villain and one who isn’t quite popular in the DC Universe.

9 Mister Mxyzptlk A Superman villain is more silly than bad

When Superman fans think of a villain who can take on the Man of Steel, they usually don’t think of Mister Mxyptlk. He’s small, he doesn’t have any real superpowers, and his main way to upset Superman is by playing pranks on him.

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What fans really don’t like about Mister Mxyptlk is his poor execution. His story could have been great, as Mister Myxzptlk is from the fifth dimension and apparently can do whatever he wants. If he’s better executed and better written, he can be a big bad guy.

8 Egg Fu is easily the most hated villain of Wonder Woman fans

Egg Fu is not only one of the most hated villains, but he also has one of the worst concepts in the DC Universe. He has an extremely racist complex about him which is extremely offensive. Egg Fu should never be brought back to light.

There is nothing about him that turns DC fans on. She’s a Mechanical Egg, who just happens to be a gangster fighting arguably the most powerful woman in the DC Universe. In short, it could have been done better morally and artistically, but until Egg Fu is fixed, DC fans should never see him again.

seven Mister Mind, is a mind boggling concept of a villain

Mister Mind is an evil worm from the planet Venus, which happens to be Shazam’s enemy. The power of Mister Mind is his ability to read the minds of others. Fans don’t like him even more because he doesn’t intimidate in the traditional villainous sense since he’s two inches tall.

As a worm who takes on one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe, even with a cool power like telepathy, he’s no threat. Mister Mind is boring, and it’s just a lazy attempt to create a supervillain and DC fans know that.

6 Turtle Man is a slow villain vs. a fast superhero

Turtle man

Turtle Man is a villain opposed to The Flash, and while fans don’t like him, they understand the reasoning behind such a villain. Flash is a superhero with the power of super supersonic speed, and the Turtle Man is the opposite.

Turtle Man’s superpower slows down his surroundings, which in turn slows Flash down, giving Turtle Man a fighting chance. DC likes to compare their superheroes and villains as polar opposites, with similar qualities, but this concept just doesn’t work at all. He has potential, but fans don’t like Turtle Man.

5 DC fans love to dislike Poison Ivy

Poisonous sumac

Poison Ivy is such a good villain that she is hated by many fans. Not because Poison Ivy is a weak villain, but because she’s so devious and frustrating at what she does.

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Poison Ivy can pull Batman out of his element and cripple him with just his potions. Poison Ivy can turn Batman into a hopeless romantic, and seeing Batman in that state is weird to see Batman. When fans want to see Batman, they don’t want to see a boy head over heels in love with a villain, they want to see action and excitement. It is because of Poison Ivy’s sneaky nature that she is often hated.

4 The joker is not a fan favorite

The joker

The Prankster is a very boring character, and there’s a reason fans haven’t seen him in the comics, movies, and animation recently. The Prankster is the least interesting, and the fact that DC even got him as a villain is a bit insulting.

The prankster doesn’t have any real powers, he’s just a guy who has everything for Superman and is really good at getting under the skin of Man Of Steel. But fans like to think The Prankster isn’t a villain, but rather a nuisance, which hasn’t seen much light since its debut.

3 Angle Man is an angle-less villain

Angle Man uses the power of geometry to fight Wonder Woman. There aren’t many stories about the villain using triangles as their weapon choices, leaving fans with unanswered questions. Overall, Angle Man isn’t the traditional villain – and not for the better.

Angle Man isn’t likable or comparable, and fans aren’t sure what his villainous motives are. It looks like Angle Man is just a basic little criminal who meets Wonder Woman every now and then, the math is scary sometimes, but it shouldn’t be used like a villain.

2 The Fiddler, a villainous flash hated by many

The Violinist is a villain hated by DC fans because of his gadget. Facing The Flash, The Fiddler uses the music of a violin as a weapon. Unfortunately, this weapon is not accurate – Flash can go faster than the speed of light, which is much faster than the speed of sound.

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But for some reason, The Flash has issues with this villain, when he really shouldn’t. But aside from being scientifically incorrect, it’s not an interesting concept fans care about, which is why it’s not liked by DC fans.

1 The penguin is arguably the most hated because it is useless

The Penguin is one of Batman’s supervillains, but he’s not great for DC fans. The penguin is also known as Oswald Cobblepot who was chosen for his physical characteristics, which makes him evil.

For a supervillain, the Penguin really lacks intellect or combat skills. He’s nothing fancy, he’s not super smart, he doesn’t have any technology that gives him an advantage, nor does he have superhuman strength or power. Realistically, The Penguin would be a normal criminal, let alone someone who would have to go up against Batman.

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