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LAHORE residents have been suffering from intermittent power outages lasting two to six hours a day for several days against a backdrop of dizzying temperatures. Apparently, the outages are not caused by shortages in supply, but by a faulty transmission system of the National Transmission and Shipping Company. According to Lesco, the electric utility that sells electricity in the capital of Punjab as well as its neighboring districts, the problem mainly stems from the two overloaded networks of the NTDC, which feed its distribution network before triggering the system. supply of the public service in a large part of the city. For five years now, a number of NTDC networks in urban centers across the province have faced the problem of “overload” during peak demand hours. Yet the NTDC has done nothing to modernize the grids to handle the growing demand for electricity. However, Lesco also cannot hide behind the faulty networks operated by the transport company. Its own distribution system has also been in need of an urgent upgrade for a very long time now. Residents of Ichhra, a lower-middle-income neighborhood in the heart of Lahore, for example, were forced to endure continuous power outages from Thursday to Friday due to a faulty transformer.

The government appears to be failing to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the population despite the “excess” generation capacity and the promises it continues to make. The truth is that he has failed to invest and improve the electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure in the country. Power outages in the country during the peak summer season have become a routine matter due to the deterioration of supply networks. The situation in small towns and rural areas of the province, as well as in the rest of the country, would be even worse. The only way to overcome the threat of unplanned power outages – and stop widespread electricity theft and grid loss – is to upgrade transmission and distribution infrastructure. Until then, consumers will continue to suffer.

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