October 1, 2022
  • October 1, 2022

Digital Foundry YouTube channel hacked by Cryptobros is deleted

By on November 9, 2021 0

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The YouTube channel for technical experts Digital foundry was removed for breaking community guidelines after being hacked for the first time, then started spreading crypto scam bullshit earlier today.

Fans first noticed something was going on when they visited the channel – or its videos were shown to them on the YouTube homepage – and saw that the people who normally talked about framerate comparisons and troubleshooting issues were for some reason broadcasting an Elon Musk talk about his galactic vanity. project, SpaceX.

If the use of Musk hadn’t already told you where it was going, the page also changed its name to “Space X,” and then started streaming videos for a cryptocurrency scam. Something Digital foundry were able to quickly confirm:

Soon after, the entire channel disappeared, with Digital Foundry’s content “terminated for violating YouTube community guidelines,” likely due to the type of content the crooks were streaming.

At the time of publication, the channel is still down, showing a 404 error to anyone trying to view Digital foundry main page, or one of their videos. As they work behind the scenes with YouTube trying to get things going again, much of their content, including many videos,are always available on Eurogamer.

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If you’ve never liked their content before and we’ve linked them innumerable times over the years—Digital foundry are essentially described as:

Digital Foundry specializes in technical analysis of gaming hardware and software, using state-of-the-art capture systems and bespoke software to show you how well games and hardware perform, visualizing precisely what they are. capable.

They are absolutely leaders in the area of ​​“this is how this game works on this system” and “this system handles this cross-platform game best”, so if this kind of technical failure is your thing, be sure to visit their page and watch some videos… every time the page is actually saved.