December 2, 2022
  • December 2, 2022

Do you have a small garden? Smart planting is the way to go

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Colorful flowers can brighten up any small space.

Annie Spratt / unsplash

Colorful flowers can brighten up any small space.

Getting into the heat of spring and summer gives us time to think about what we can do to beautify our gardens.

We go in droves to garden centers to bring color and life to our most popular spaces.

Seeing flowers in the garden gives me a feeling of nostalgia – it reminds me of visiting my grandparents and the burst of color that awaited me when I spent time with them. Pretty hedges full of colors and borders filled with roses always greeted me when I went to see them.

I would be fascinated by the flowers used.

If you are in the retirement phase of your life, you may be considering downsizing or creating spaces that take less effort to maintain. Perhaps you have moved to a smaller house or a retirement life.

Here are some ideas to help you create more with less.

Grow your herbs

If mobility becomes an issue, creating tall flower beds is a quick fix. You can garden without straining your back or legs, and it’s much easier to water and maintain weeds.

A beautiful macrocarpa or hardwood gives you a strong, durable garden that will last – you won’t need to replace it in a few years. When building a raised bed, consider ease of access – garden beds that are three feet wide will allow you to work around the frame without straining too much to reach the sides.

Herbs and vegetables do exceptionally well in raised beds, thriving in warmer conditions. And with the option of bells or tunnel houses to roam them, you can meet your culinary needs year round.

Potted plants are a gorgeous - and inexpensive - way to fill spaces.

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Potted plants are a gorgeous – and inexpensive – way to fill spaces.

Put your roses in a pot

Pots are another easy choice. They’re simpler and cheaper than raised beds, but fill spaces beautifully and inject texture, color, and brightness just about anywhere. Plants like petunia, lavender, rosemary, and annuals make a bold impression.

Do you like roses but don’t have the space to grow them? Patio roses are a great choice for potting and displaying on your deck, patio, or anywhere you can find space. Pick a good-sized 15-30 gallon pot, and you can grow smaller roses to enjoy them for years to come.

As with all potted plants or trees, be sure to feed them well and check them regularly, as they tend to require more water.

Follow these simple and practical tips to get your garden looking its best.

To grow

With today’s technology and some know-how, you can grow just about anything in a vertical garden.

Hanging gardens, such as pocket planting bags made from durable felt, come in a range of sizes and can be attached to most walls or fences.

A great instant feature, they’re cheap and easy to set up, and you can grow almost any small to medium herb or flower – or even plants like tomatoes – indoors. They require a bit more watering, so take this into account when choosing where to install them.

Consult your local hardware store or nursery for all available options.

Downsizing is about creating more with less, says Jade Temepara.


Downsizing is about creating more with less, says Jade Temepara.

Be bold with a living wall

If you want to make a huge impact, go big with a specialty wall garden designed for your space and professionally installed. Living walls can be installed indoors or outdoors, in your choice of size, and come with their own sprinkler systems.

They are instant and effective, and although they are expensive, once installed they can last for years.

The beauty of these living walls is that the time you need to take care of them is dramatically reduced by design – the company that installs them will give you all the tips and tricks.