October 1, 2022
  • October 1, 2022

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We will blink and once again Christmas will be here. With the colder winter months, we spend more time indoors, and many of us want to spruce up our space for the holidays and for any guests we might have. Ken Smith of Dunnavant Valley Ace Hardware has some easy-to-share tips – and, in his store, the right products to help you brighten up your home in time for Santa.

1: paint your kitchen

As the family gathers and meals are prepared in the kitchen – often the heart of the home – consider painting your kitchen and giving it a refresh. Dunnavant Valley Ace Hardware has paint lines like Benjamin Moore, Magnolia by Joanna Gaines and Annie Sloan. Smith said the Annie Sloan look is especially popular for those who like an aged look because it is chalk paint.

2: Paint your living room

Would your Christmas tree and all your Christmas decorations look better with a new coat of paint in the living room? Well you’re in luck – not only does Dunnavant Valley Ace Hardware have the best paints, but also the best brushes to buy.

“You don’t want to use an inexpensive brush when buying an expensive gallon tank,” Smith said. “It gives you a better finish [if you have] better brush and better roller. It just makes your job better and is something you can use over and over again.

3: change your bulbs

Much easier than painting a room in your house is changing your light bulbs, which can really make a big difference. Light bulbs today are mostly LED, Smith said, which means they last longer.

“Today everything uses less energy but is brighter,” he said.

4: Declutter your storage space

Dunnavant Valley Ace Hardware offers a plethora of home organization products including shelving and pegboards for your storage spaces. Dunnavant Valley Ace Hardware also has everything you’ll need to put these shelves together and hammer those pegboards together – one stop shop for all your home needs.

“Most things are easy to put together,” Smith said. “Everything probably requires a screwdriver or a drill.”

5: Deep clean your home

Nothing says “Guests are coming for the holidays” like a good old-fashioned rush to deep clean your home. Don’t worry, though, Dunnavant Valley Ace Hardware has all the cleaning supplies you could possibly need on their shelves so you can clean your home for the holidays.

Stop at 300 Carlow Lane, Suite 108, and consult Ken Smith for any of the products listed in this article. It can help you spruce up your home like new as you spend more and more time indoors.