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Dynamics of industrial airflows: providing solutions for growth

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By Angela Bao

July 1, 2021

Industrial Air Flow Dynamics is one of the leading power plant service providers

How a client from the East West Bank used an engineering mindset to solve problems and propel them to 10X the growth.

When Ryan Sachetti started working as a project engineer at Industrial Air Flow Dynamics (IAFD), he was the definition of a novice. Although he studied mechanical engineering at the University of Connecticut, he only had one year of professional experience before joining the IAFD. The company, which was founded in 2001, was still small and focused primarily on manufacturing and installing expansion joints for power plants based in New England. But the moment he set foot in one of the power plants that IAFD served, Sachetti knew it was the industry that would become his career.

“At the time, I had no experience in the industry,” says Sachetti, “but I knew the opportunity was exciting. On the third day after I started working at the company, I found myself outside a power station. Power plants are massive and complex structures, and as an engineer I realized this was a playground I wanted to play in.

Connect with people through communication

Today, 14 years later, Sachetti is President, CEO and Owner of IAFD, a leading supplier of replacement expansion joints, pipe penetration joints and generator replacement systems. heat recovery steam. During Sachetti’s tenure, he helped expand IAFD’s client base nationwide and grew the team to 275 people. He was initially supposed to work in an office as a project engineer, but after that first visit to the plant he discovered a talent for communication that would propel him and the IAFD to much greater success. .

IAFD engineers inspecting part of a power plant

During Sachetti’s first week, he and the IAFD team were working on a large expansion joint replacement project. The IAFD service manager was trying to install parts to solve some problems, but the factory manager did not understand the how or why.

“I just remember the IAFD service manager and the factory manager speaking on two different wavelengths,” Sachetti recalls.

It was then that he decided to intervene, even though it was only his fifth day on the job. “I showed them a SolidWorks 3D model of the whole unit that I designed on my computer, and I said that’s where the problem lies, here’s what we need to do to solve it, and here’s what we’re going to do, ”Sachetti shares. “I explained the project and the process in a way that both of them understood. I saw the power to connect the two, moving project engineering from inside the office to an on-site application.

Provide solutions for growth

This moment was a real eye-opener for Sachetti. He realized that not only was there an opportunity to bring an engineering-oriented approach to problem solving for power plants, but that he had a knack for leading and fostering teamwork within. IAFD.

“I developed these relationships with our managers and our service teams in the field,” Sachetti shares. “They understood my passion. I saw my mission as connecting complicated designs with user-friendly installations. Often times in industry you will see friction between field service workers and engineers, but not at IAFD. I am very proud of this bridge that we have between our field service staff and our engineering service. We like to design something that can be implemented and will be successful. ”

Mark Koshnick, senior vice president of commercial banking at East West Bank, adds that this relationship-oriented mindset is one of the keys to IAFD’s success.

“In my opinion, what makes the difference is Ryan’s emphasis on customer service by delivering a level of punctuality, reliability and professionalism that power plant managers don’t often see and they learn to appreciate very quickly, ”says Koshnick. “The management and operators of the power plant are on site for many hours as essential businesses 24/7 – it’s their home away from home. As Ryan points out, you will be invited to come back if you treat everyone at home with respect and deliver a great job beyond their expectations.

2021 Corporate Audit Announcement

“Our reputation is crucial to us, and the idea of ​​taking on a job we weren’t able to do is something we would never do,” says Sam Brewer, chief strategy officer for IAFD. “We spend a lot of time thinking about our operations and doing all of this work, so that we can do everything up to the quality and standards that we set. ”

IAFD’s engineering-driven approach is the foundation of all of its products and services. IAFD offers a full service experience to its customers, from the design and manufacture of components to delivery and installation, as well as the provision of engineering services and factory evaluations.

“It’s one of the values ​​we bring to our customers,” says Brewer. “There is a reflection behind what we offer them: the product, its design, everything is done with an engineering mindset which is the foundation of our company. ”

Obtain the right financing to take a majority stake

With the IAFD ready for such growth, Sachetti and Brewer knew they had to take the next steps to ensure they didn’t lose momentum.

“We obviously have the right combination of engineering and responsiveness that works for our customers, and we know there is an expectation from our customers that we’re going to perform at a certain level,” says Brewer. “We have to do our part, which is to invest in our business, and then let our customers do their part, which is to trust us to get the job done. ”

One of the most important steps taken involved the buyout of other shareholders by Sachetti. “It was an important decision to make and certainly an important step for the IAFD”, explains Sachetti. “Because this was such an important event, we spent a lot of time thinking about who would be the right financial partner for IAFD, and it was clear that the eastern West Bank was leading the way. listing. ”

Sachetti’s clear vision is what convinced Koshnick that the IAFD would be the right partner for the eastern West Bank. With a term loan from the East West Bank, Sachetti was able to take a majority stake in IAFD and continue to steer the company into its next phase of growth.

Koshnick believed in Sachetti’s business ethics from the start. “Ryan found a way to have a better product. And you would think, well, if you have a better product, there is less opportunity for that product to break, and we won’t be there in a few years, ”he explains. “It wasn’t their state of mind. Their mindset was to create a quality product, prove it to their customers, and find ways to involve them in more areas of the repair and maintenance of these factories. They have demonstrated an excellent level of service in a niche area, and by doing such a good job, they will be able to extend the level of service they provide to these plants.

“The eastern West Bank helped us,” Brewer says. “As we grow, there are always challenges that come with that growth, and one of them is having access to capital and a bank that understands your business. We are delighted to have East West Bank as a partner and to continue our growth path going forward. ”