December 8, 2022
  • December 8, 2022

Electricity production increases in 48 hours and reaches 4,864 MW

By on November 3, 2022 0

Electricity production on the national grid increased by 834.8 megawatts between Monday and Wednesday morning, peaking at 4,863.7 MW at 6 a.m. Wednesday.

Data obtained from the Abuja headquarters of the Federal Ministry of Energy showed that the grid recorded off-peak power generation of 4,028.9 MW on Monday, October 31, 2022.

The energy produced on Monday was estimated at 103,049.22 megawatt-hours, while that which was emitted on the same day was 101,864.04 MWh.

All numbers rose on Tuesday, with off-peak and peak power generation at 4,182.3 MW and 4,803 MW respectively.

Likewise, the energy generated increased to 108,582.78 MWh on Tuesday compared to what was recorded the day before, as what was sent on Tuesday also increased to 107,335.02 MWh.

The northward movement in power generation continued on Wednesday. FMP data showed the grid boasting 4,863.7MW as of 6am Wednesday, indicating a growth of 834.8MW in around 48 hours.

The Nigerian power grid has been characterized by a series of power generation fluctuations since this year, recording about seven system collapses in 2022.

But the federal government, through its Transmission Company of Nigeria, had repeatedly said it was working to stabilize the grid through the construction of power substations across the country and other facilities. TCN manages the network.

Analysts said the recent growth in power generation seen on the grid could be a sign that TCN is making progress in rolling out transformers and other power transmission facilities across the country.

The company, for example, recently announced that it has successfully installed and energized a new 150 MVA 330/132/33 kV inter-bus transformer at the Delta IV transmission substation in Ughelli, Australia. ‘Delta State.

He said the inauguration of the new 150 MVA power transformer had restored the substation’s capacity to 132 MW.

“As a result, TCN is now able to evacuate/convey more electricity for the Beninese electricity distribution company to take off from the substation for delivery to electricity consumers in Ughelli, Warri and its surroundings,” said the company’s Managing Director, Public Affairs, Ndidi. Mbah, said.

She added: “The installation of the new 150 MVA inter-bus transformer has restored the flexibility of the substation by allowing TCN to evacuate electricity from Transcorp Power Limited at voltage levels of 330 kV and 132 kV.

“This means an increase in the overall power transmitted by the substation and better grid stability.”

The power company also recently announced that it has started construction of a 132 kV transmission line, a 2X60 MVA transmission substation and a switching station in the state of Ekiti to increase state capacity by 204 MW.

He further stated that the project consisted of a 50 km stretch of 132 kV transmission line from Ikere (Ado Ekiti) with a turn at Ijesa Isu which terminated at Ilupeju Ekiti and had a transmission substation of 2X60 MVA, 132/33 kV with four lines. berries.