October 1, 2022
  • October 1, 2022

Electricity situation in MP is better than in other states: Tomar

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Staff reporter

A three-day “Manthan-2022” (brainstorming-2022) centered on “introspection of engineers and employees of all power companies in Madhya Pradesh” kicked off at Tarang Auditorium in Jabalpur on Thursday. Inaugurating the three-day Manthan-2022, Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar said that there is currently a power crisis across the country due to the shortage of coal, but the situation in Madhya Pradesh is comparatively better than that of other states. During Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan praised the better management of power companies. Tomar expressed hope that the nectar (good results) emanating from Manthan-2022 would benefit electricity consumers in the state. Principal Secretary (Energy) Sanjay Dubey, Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh East Zone Electricity Distribution Company Anay Dwivedi, Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company Manjit Singh, Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company, Sunil Tiwari, Power Engineers and Technical Staff of of the country were present as well as experts from the energy sector.

Record revenue collection of Rs 23,700 crore in last financial year: Energy Minister Tomar said that despite the corona pandemic, a record revenue of Rs 23,700 crore was collected by power distribution companies in the during the last fiscal year. The Power Generating Company’s thermal power plants also produced continuous electricity while performing exceptionally well. Some Power Generating Company units have set a record of continuous power generation for 100 to 185 days. The Minister of Energy said the state’s electric distribution companies and transmission companies have controlled line tripping by performing excellent maintenance. He said the transformer failure rate has been going down in the state over the past two years.

Calls on power distribution companies to end power loss and theft: Tomar called on power distribution companies to play an effective role in preventing power loss and theft. He said this work would be possible with willpower and hard work. The Minister of Energy said that the state’s electricity distribution companies try to bill all consumers based on their actual consumption. In the future, invoices issued on the basis of estimated consumption will be completely stopped.

Assimilate brainstorming results: Energy Minister Tomar said that all power engineers and staff should reflect on the conclusions of the “Manthan-2022” workshop and assimilate them also theoretically and practically. He said the Manthan’s findings should be kept under constant review and if necessary, they would be accepted as a political decision. Manthan’s goal is to bring about a change in the mindset of engineers and staff. Principal Secretary, Energy, Sanjay Dubey said the main purpose of Manthan-22 is to bring about a change in the mindset of engineers and employees of state power companies, so that they can work for business good and satisfaction. consumers by recognizing their abilities. He said soul-searching should be done to face the challenges of the future, so that electricity supply can be ensured 24 hours a day, in line with the government’s intention. Dubey said electrical engineers should adopt the information given in the brainstorming workshop regarding new technologies. Anay Dwivedi, Managing Director of East Zone Electricity Distribution Company, gave the welcome speech.

Prominent Country Experts Made Presentations: On the first day of ‘Manthan 2022’, experts made presentations on

the theme of power generation and power transmission. The Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company, Manjit Singh gave a detailed presentation of the achievements and future challenges. NTPC AGM BB Padhi gave a presentation on Stream Turbine Maintenance, World Bank Senior Energy Specialist Surbhi Goyal on Power Plant Refurbishment and Reuse, NTPC Korba AGM VK Garg gave a presentation on Best Practices in chemistry. Power Transmission Company General Manager Sunil Tiwari gave a presentation on the company’s achievements as well as challenges for the future.

V Balaji, Executive Director, Power System Operation Corporation Limited, gave a presentation on System Planning and Operation, PGCIL DGM CP Awasthi gave a presentation on Ultra High Pressure Substation Automation.