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Every turn arrow in the Hawkeye finale

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WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Hawkeye’s season finale, streaming now on Disney +.

During the car chase sequence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Hawk Eye, where Kate shoots a handful of unknown special arrows at the tracksuit gangsters and Clint follows along with a few of her own, Clint afterwards informs Kate that there are no more trap arrows to be had. Kate appears dejected as her brief but rhythmic indoctrination into the world of superhero high-tech archery seems to have come to an abrupt end. This conversation comes at a time when Clint has no intention of making Kate his partner and therefore he is telling the truth with her about what she can expect in the future.

After the revelations about Kingpin’s involvement with Kate’s mother Eleanore and Kate’s continued growth as an apprentice, Hawkeye has changed her mind and allows her to get closer. This includes an arrow forging tutorial where it gives him a personal, up-close look at how machining his arrows for versatility and efficiency works. Delighted and overwhelmed, she quickly pulls out a label maker to help her keep track of the arsenal, which appears below.

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Smoke Screen Arrow

Clint used this arrow to prevent Kazi, who had taken a sniper position in the building opposite his own, from developing clear fire into the structure. After the room was flooded with dense purplish gas, the sniper coughed but did not appear to suffer any other ill effects. Soon after, he faced Clint in a melee and did not appear to be at a disadvantage in any way. The arrow was also used earlier in the season by Kate Bishop to stop Echo’s chase during the car chase that resulted in her vehicle being crushed by Echo.

Acid arrow

Hawkeye's Acid Arrow

A fluorescent green arrow with a highly corrosive solvent capable of eating away massive amounts of Christmas wood. The reaction with the wood was so quick that the large Rockefeller tree was cut in half in seconds, allowing the tree to tilt and design a quick way for Hawkeye to reach the ground below without risking falling. seriously injure themselves.

Electromagnetic arrow

Hawkeye's Electromagnetic Arrow

An extremely strong magnetic field is generated upon impact with a ferrous material, creating a focal point for all the metal in the area to be attracted to the conductive field. Clint used this arrow to good effect to disarm the Tracksuit Gangsters quickly and efficiently.

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Lightning Bomb Arrow

Hawkeye's Flash Bomb Arrow

Able to turn night into day, Kate used this arrow to visually neutralize a wide range of attackers as she was outnumbered and surrounded by multiple enemies converging from different positions. Designed as a non-violent means of crowd control, the arrow’s luminance would prevent it from any potential stealth missions, but proved to be very disorienting for a large group of people.

Arrow Needle

Hawkeye Needle Arrow

The shank of this arrow sports three-inch barbs that shoot at high speed in random directions within a given radius, maiming and impaling large groups of crowded people. The feathers fire when a motor spins the shaft possibly charged by the kinetic energy generated by its impact.

Frost arrow

Hawkeye's Frozen Arrow

This arrow apparently creates a dramatic thermodynamic change in the surrounding water vapor instantly freezing it. While liquid nitrogen would likely kill someone and lead to potential dismemberment, this mechanism apparently uses miniature heat exchange that temporarily invalidates.

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Drone Arrow

Designed to remove an enemy fighter from the field of engagement, this rocket extraction boom loses stiffness on impact and wraps around the target as three separate propulsion jets reach an altitude of at least 60 feet although its fuel capacity or safe height is unknown.

Electric boom improvement

Hawkeye Ribon Arrow Taser

A smart capture arrow that deploys a Taser ribbon around its target which keeps its limbs stuck and then delivers volts of electricity to neutralize the opponent. The whole process only takes a few seconds, leaving a subject subject gift wrapped for local law enforcement. Another version of this harnessless arrow has been used in the past against Ultron and Vision drones.

Tranquilizer Arrow

Hawkeye's Tranquilizer Gun Arrow

The shaft of this arrow is loaded with tranquilizer darts that shoot at random within a specified radius of 360 degrees. The sedative used is powerful and fast-acting, rendering a target comatose instantly.


Pepper spray arrow

Hawkeye Orange Pepper Spray Arrow

Hawkeye has benefited from the inclusion in SHIELD and the Avengers, teams with unlimited resources and intimate support systems much closer to home, but at times he has the onus of crowd control. This arrow releases concentrated, multi-directional jets of tear gas that can cause nausea, coughing, dizziness, skin and eye irritation, vomiting, and unconsciousness.

Inflatable bag arrow

Hawkeye Air Bag Arrow

A tightly compressed medicine balloon, similar to an inflatable sphere, releases on contact with a diameter of about ten feet and is able to catapult a handful of enemies into the air. In theory, the boom could also be used to cushion a fall from a dangerous height, if one were so tilted.

Shock wave arrow

Hawkeye Shockwave Arrow

Creates a semi-globe of repulsive force emanating from the center of where the arrow struck that can split apart and stun. Kate Bishop used the arrow on the roof to break up the melee between Yelena, Echo and Clint and he used it against the tracksuit mafia in the season finale.

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Pym arrow

Kate Bishop using Hawkeye's Pym Arrow

Able to enlarge or reduce the size of anything it comes in contact with by producing a Pym field around the object. Before using it to turn a gangster truck into food for the Tonka Owl, the arrow was also used throughout the series to turn a normal tree into a gigantic spear capable of crushing an automobile on its way down.

Explosive arrow

Clint uses an explosive arrow from Hawkeye

There are times when Clint struggles to be taken seriously, but having that napalm javelin in his quiver helps. Explodes on impact, but the spikes can also be reduced to magnetic disks linked to a remote control on Hawkeye’s bow. It is one of the most used arrows in Clint’s arsenal and it leveled the playing field in his name during the Battle of New York and the Sokovia Incident.

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Thread Arrow

Hawkeye Electric Net Arrow

This tree disperses an orb network of electrified cable on impact, creating a barrier when attached to moorings or a restraint for a small group caught beneath its electrified surface.

Arrow too dangerous

Hawkeye's Too Dangerous Arrow

This is probably a version of her explosive arrow but deemed too dangerous for Kate Bishop to use and labeled in a way that reminds her not to use it at all. After observing the ebb and flow of the battle, Clint decides to entrust some to him, which turns out to be fortuitous. By the time he made the decision, they were only trading punches with the tracksuit mafia, but Kate ended up having to confront the Kingpin himself and took quite a few punches before unleashing a handful of arrows that hit each other. are scattered on the ground. The explosive display that followed suggested another shock wave arrow and a firework rocket arrow, among others. In particular, there are beacons for the Sonic and Ice Breaker arrows, but they didn’t seem to be needed during that decisive final fight of the first season.

The season ends with questions about Kingpin’s fate, though the comics may have a few clues, and give much hope for hard-hitting cameos and further development of New York’s criminal overlord. The series as a whole has had a big impact creating space for Yelena to shine as demands for her own show start to pick up steam, but with potential Young Avengers debuting in the future that will surely involve heavily. Kate Bishop, Hawk Eye has proven to be another reliable weapon in the MCU’s vast and expanding arsenal.

To see Clint and Kate use some super cool arrows, the entire first season of Hawkeye is now airing on Disney +.

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