December 2, 2022
  • December 2, 2022

Faults detected in Jhimpir power transmission line projects – Newspaper

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LAHORE: Most of the ongoing or completed projects related to the laying of Extra High Voltage (EHV) transmission lines to evacuate electricity from several wind power plants in Sindh would have appeared flawed, apparently due to materials and equipment of inferior quality.

The situation is worsening, causing huge financial losses to the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) in particular and to the Treasury in general, Dawn has learned.

“None of the projects executed by NTDC’s EHV department in the south would be considered complete in all respects and free from errors,” complained NTDC’s South Asset Management unit in a letter to GM (South) Hyderabad .

“Whenever an observed defect is reported solely to preserve NTDC’s interest in obtaining its earlier rectification, it is never digested by the EHV section. All construction defects/errors made by the EHV section during the execution of the project must be compensated by the Grid System Operations (GSO) department,” he added.

NTDC and Treasury Face Huge Losses as Situation Worsens

While discussing the issues related to the construction of the 220 kilovolt Jhimpir II-KDA-33 and 220 kV Jhimpir-II Jamshoro transmission lines, the company’s asset management unit raised concerns with the EHV section regarding these projects, which she says are important for connecting the national grid with the wind cluster and powering K-Electric.

The unit believes that all new projects were executed according to cutting-edge practices ignoring the quality of work and materials, and the only objective seemed to be to meet deadlines.

“The [EHV] The department cannot deny the poor execution, consultancy services, engagement of a contractor and deprive the management of the execution of various projects in the wind corridor,” the letter reveals.

Due to these practices, “the NTDC has already faced severe humiliations and unbearable financial losses in the past and also faced daily blunders committed by the EHV section,” he said.

He mentions the frequent failure of low quality disc insulators installed in the 220kV Jhimpir-TMK transmission line, which were later replaced with good quality disc insulators with the addition of two additional insulators.

The unit also reported frequent tripping of the 220kV Gharo-Jhimpir line resulting in its conductor breaking due to failure to install a shock absorber weight despite being included in the bill of quantities. Also, as the design department pointed out, damage to the struts and D-shackles was also questionable, he said.

The unit further indicated the inclination of the foundations of circuit breakers, insulators, poles, etc. at the 220kV Jhampir-1 grid station and said that an investigation report has not yet been finalized in this regard.

“It is hoped that the projects will be completed without any anomalies left unattended for the benefit of the NTDC. Please take the measures recommended by the company [board of directors] regarding the Jhimpir-TM Khan and Jhimpir-1 G/S lines, etc. Also, provide all relevant records to Asset Management Department (South) in time,” the unit said.

NTDC’s managing director and managing director of asset management (south) were unavailable for comment.

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