December 2, 2022
  • December 2, 2022

FortisBC begins work to replace power lines above West Trail – Trail Daily Times

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Chris Rhodes took several photos of the Elder Trail – and the hovering helicopters – while hiking on Monday afternoon. Photo: Chris Rhodes Sr.

Photo: FortisBC begins work to replace power lines above West Trail

Helicopters will be used and there will be traffic disruptions

For anyone wondering about the orange-colored helicopters hovering over the west side of Trail on Monday, the city has provided an answer.

“FortisBC plans to replace three transmission structures using helicopters over West Trail in the existing right-of-way,” the city advises. “In preparation for the work on the hillside, there will be construction work on the Elder Trail in the coming weeks.

“Temporary barricades will also be erected on Wilmes Lane to protect the area from rockfall and provide access to lower sites.

The city says the work will not affect the transmission of electricity in the area.


Road closures are expected to be in effect on Wilmes Lane from Wednesday, December 1 at 11 a.m. and December 2 for the day the work is completed.


There will be traffic disruption when the barricades are put up on Wilmes Lane. There will be an increase in traffic prior to construction as workers and heavy equipment will need to be put in place for replacement work. FortisBC will ensure compliance with applicable municipal or road bylaws throughout construction. The boulevards and roadway affected during construction will be restored in due course.


Construction will also be helicopter-based and there may be some noise during the short time the helicopters are in the area. Planes will not fly over any of the residential buildings in the area. The project will comply with all local regulations and BC noise control best practice guidelines.


Public safety is a top priority and all operations associated with the proposed project will be designed to meet or exceed provincial and federal safety guidelines.

For more information regarding this project, call FortisBC at 1.866.436.7847.

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