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Generators are in high demand as Houstonians prepare for a potential freeze this week

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HOUSTON – Houstonians are bracing for a potential freeze this week.

On Tuesday, days before the possible freeze, Bering’s Hardware customers were stocking up on supplies.

“We lost everything,” remembers client Kay Lee Werlin.

Werlin scoured Bering’s driveways to ensure she was prepared in advance for the potential severe weather event.

“I didn’t have enough insulation papers to wrap my plants in and I was afraid we were going to have another freezer,” she said.

This time, she’s taking extra precautions for the rapidly changing weather.

“All of mine are blooming things and I just don’t want to lose them,” she said.

Floor supervisor Michael Taylor said Werlin wasn’t the only customer stocking up. Unfortunately, he added, supply chain issues don’t make stocking the shelves any easier.

“It’s been a mess, to say the least,” he said. “We probably didn’t receive 30% of the items we ordered because of this.”

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However, there is still a lot to do, such as faucet covers.

“There’s a little rubber band to hold it in place, just slip it over the faucet,” Taylor said.

He said there was also another faucet attachment that was popular.

“It’s called the Freeze Miser, and what’s unique is that you attach it to your tap and when the temperature drops below freezing 32 degrees, it opens the valve, allowing the water to flow,” he described.

At the GenPro warehouse on Blalock Road, owner Ashton Tennant said demand for generators was high.

They started pre-ordering for this season almost a year ago after the February freeze.

“(It’s) very difficult to track all the phone calls,” he said.

He said there were a few factors leading to a six to nine month wait.

“(The) biggest challenge is that I think the factories in the supply chain do it and get it to us,” he said.

Tennant said there was also a labor shortage for the facilities.

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“We had to relearn our whole process,” he said.

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