December 8, 2022
  • December 8, 2022

Global Growth of Non-Battery Energy Storage (NBES)

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Dublin, Oct. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Global Growth Opportunities for Batteryless Energy Storage (NBES)” report has been added to from offer.

Renewable energy generation has been at the heart of decarbonization initiatives by governments and the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector. Energy storage solutions address the challenges posed by renewable energy sources, including intermittency, thereby accelerating the deployment of renewable energy, which has rightly prompted substantial investment in recent years.

Pumped hydro storage, which has dominated long-term energy storage for more than a century, is now being challenged by other new and promising low-cost, high-efficiency technologies, each with unique advantages. for end users.

The predictions are based on energy storage targets that governments aim to achieve by 2030 to meet their climate change goals; announced projects (if any); and the publisher’s assessment of the growth potential of energy technologies.

With potential investments in off-battery storage expected to exceed hundreds of billions of dollars over the next few years across all technologies, several opportunities exist across the value chain, including logistics, operations and maintenance (O&M) , financing and technology related to non-battery storage.

The study presents the countries committed to decarbonization and those investing in R&D and the commercialization of technologies. It also highlights companies that have brought innovative solutions to this space.

Key regions for investment in energy storage technologies have been identified based on investment and interest in a particular technology, either due to its suitability to geography (or project) or advancements technology business.

Research Highlights

This study highlights the advantages of battery-less technologies over short-duration battery energy storage solutions. It also analyzes the growth opportunities and market potential for well-established industry participants and new entrants.

Main issues addressed

  • What is the current status of the global batteryless energy storage market?
  • What are the major drivers and restraints affecting the growth of the market? What are the competitive factors in this market?
  • Is the market growing? how long will it continue to grow and at what rate will it increase?
  • Which are the key growth regions for Batteryless Energy Storage that market players can consider expanding? Which countries are suitable for investment in these regions?
  • Who are the major market players and what are their innovative business models or solutions?
  • How should turnover develop over the next few years?
  • What are the opportunities for strategic investments in the market and how can key stakeholders benefit from them?

Main topics covered:

1. Strategic imperatives

  • Why is it increasingly difficult to grow taller?
  • The 8T Strategic Imperative
  • The impact of the top 3 strategic imperatives on the NBES industry
  • Growth opportunities fuel the growth pipeline engine
  • Main conclusions
  • Scope of analysis
  • Segmentation

2. Analysis of growth opportunities

  • Why alternative energy storage?
  • Comparison of NBES technologies
  • Growth engines
  • Growth constraints
  • Share of NBES Technologies in global energy storage
  • NBES Global Trends
  • Key competitors
  • Installed capacity forecast by country
  • Installed capacity forecast by technology
  • Capacity addition forecast by country
  • Capacity addition forecast by technology
  • Investment forecasts by country
  • Investment forecast by technology

3. Mechanical energy storage

  • PSH
  • Installed capacity PSH
  • Benefits of PSH
  • PSH market potential
  • Geomechanical Pumped Storage (GPS) from Quidnet Energy

4. Power-to-Gas (P2G) energy storage

  • Power to Hydrogen – Why Hydrogen?
  • Hydrogen applications
  • Hydrogen – Policy Initiatives
  • Global hydrogen import-export potential
  • Hydrogen value chain
  • SunHydrogen, Inc.
  • Hydrogen LOHC Technologies GmbH
  • Using alternatives for storage

5. Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)

6. Kinetic energy storage

  • FES
  • FES – Global hotspots for adding capacity
  • BeaconPower, Inc.
  • EMS
  • Energy Vault, Inc.
  • Ares

7. Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

  • EST
  • Hyme Energy – Seaborg Technologies
  • SaltX technology
  • Viking Cold Solutions, Inc.

8. Capacitors

  • Installed capacity
  • Ultracapacitors – Unique Applications
  • Skeleton Technologies, Inc.
  • UCAP Power, Inc.

9. Analysis by country

  • United States
  • China
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • The United Kingdom
  • Line

10. Universe of growth opportunities

  • Growth Opportunity 1: Participation in the value chain
  • Growth Opportunity 2: Pumped Hydro Storage – Services/Renovations
  • Growth Opportunity 3: Energy Storage as a Service
  • Growth Opportunity 4: Hydrogen Transport
  • Growth Opportunity 5: Technology Support for Energy Storage Systems

Companies cited

  • BeaconPower, Inc.
  • Energy Vault, Inc.
  • Hydrogen LOHC Technologies GmbH
  • Quidnet Energy
  • SaltX technology
  • Seaborg Technologies
  • Skeleton Technologies, Inc.
  • SunHydrogen, Inc.
  • UCAP Power, Inc.
  • Viking Cold Solutions, Inc.

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