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Google Play Books finally adds a “Wishlist” button to its bottom navigation

By on August 3, 2022 0

I’ve been emphasizing that the Google Play Store’s “Wishlist” feature has become a mess of books, movies, games, and apps that users will probably never dig after adding them again. The problem is twofold. First, Google does next to nothing to remind you of what’s on your list via carousels or Store reminders (aside from the occasional email that lets you know when something on that list drops in price)

Second, there have never been filters for every type of content saved in the wishlist, which makes it nearly impossible to sort through and choose something based on your needs. With the 10th anniversary redesign of the Play Store, Wishlist received a smart chip filter system for books, movies, games and apps! I hadn’t talked about it until now, but with today’s news, everything is starting to make more sense.

I opened Google Play Books this morning and encountered a blue tutorial overlay for an icon that was added to the app’s bottom navigation. As you can see below, a “Wishlist” option has appeared in Books for Android, making it a one-click operation to see what you’ve saved for later!

Google TV has the “Stuff” tab, and I imagine books will follow the same path over time, but for now it’s a major improvement over the wishlist carousel search that pops up when he wants and disappears from the application. the home screen when Google chooses.

“A new home for your wishlist”

What does this mean for the future? Music was already removed from the Play Store when Google Play Music was converted to YouTube Music, and the success of Google TV has now determined that movies and TV shows will also be removed from the storefront. Google’s ideal setup is to place content where it’s most often consumed and that makes a lot of sense to me.

I think the new Wishlist option for the Google Play Books app means we could see the company announce the removal of books, audiobooks, and comics from the Play Store in the near future. Believe me, we’ll probably see that happen, and over time the Store will only serve apps and games.

Looking much further, I’m still fully convinced that Google wants to do away with the “Play” branding entirely, hosting games only in the Games app and moving all standard apps to the Google Store. If that happens, not only will I be very happy with my prediction, but we’ll also see a future where you visit the Google Store for the company’s hardware and software, similar to how Apple has built its ecosystem over years.

In the meantime, you can find all your wishlisted books, audiobooks, and comics in the Google Play Books app through the new bottom navigation once you receive the update. Let me know in the comments if you like this or if you’re one of the people reading this who never visits the Play Store books and is happy about their potential removal.