May 13, 2022
  • May 13, 2022

Grill contest scheduled for Sunday | New

By on September 15, 2021 0

Marc Digues

People will have the chance to be named Chadron Griddle Master on Sunday, September 19 at the Battle of Blackstone in the Chadron Ace Hardware parking lot.

The smell of cooking food is nothing new to the lot, with various food vendors seen regularly. Sunday’s competition will start at 4 p.m. Event organizer Jordan Mak said he would prefer people planning to compete to call ahead so he can get an accurate tally of how much meat is needed, but if attendees decide to show up on the day of the “that’s how it is.”

“We provide all the food, but the sauces and seasonings are on it,” Mak said. “But I provide all the vegetables, the tortillas, the meat, things like that.” He will bring hamburger, chicken and pork.

As for scoring, he explained: “The community is going to be the judges. Each person has the opportunity to judge. You pay $ 2 for a ticket, and that ticket you place with whoever you think should win. Whoever has the most tickets at the end wins. “

All the money raised from the tickets is pooled and matched by Ace, with the winner deciding where he will go. The winner also gets all their money back on the hotplate. “So if you bought a griddle for $ 400,” Mak said, “we’ll give you the $ 400 back.”

As for the inspiration for the event, Mak said, “It’s been such a tough year with everything going on. Not even just Covid, but everything that is going on. It’s something to help the community. We don’t get any money out of it. It’s fair for the community.

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