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How a partnership with Bryson led to the creation of the LA Golf putter

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Bryson DeChambeau is one of LA Golf’s partner players.

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When former Marucci Sports CEO Reed Dickens saw an opportunity to get into the golf business, he seized it, buying the inventory and assets of the now-defunct Matrix trees in 2018 and renaming a new venture, LA Golf.

Dickens had huge success at Marucci and decided to apply the same playbook to LA Golf. He believed there was ample room for innovation in the world of sleeves, and in this week’s bonus episode of Off Course with Claude Harmon, Dickens explained how his partnership with Bryson DeChambeau led to the creation of a new putter.

“The well is a tool of the trade,” he said. “It’s both the engine and the transmission of the golf swing, and it’s been mass-produced and rolled like an ice cream cone for 50 years, and no one has innovated the shafts, even though they’ve the most effect on your ball flight and ball performance.”

Dickens teamed up with Bryson DeChambeau, who he says had a three-and-a-half-hour chat with the LA Golf engineer.

LA Golf acquires SIK Golf and launches a high-end putter


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“I knew we had something special,” he said. “So we started with trees. And then Bryson called me one day and said, hey, I think SIK putter face down loft technology is the most innovative face technology. He said, I’ve tested hundreds of putters. And anyone who knows Bryson knows that wasn’t an exaggeration. He said, you should buy this company.

“And I already wanted a putter,” Dickens continued. “I knew we had probably the best putter shaft ever, which actually stops the putter head from wiggling on impact. That actually impacts ball performance. And so I wanted a putter, but I kind of thought we would develop one over time.

LA Golf moved quickly to acquire SIK Golf and just introduced its newest product: the LA Golf Putter, which is available in four lengths and retails for $1,500. It’s the first-ever full-carbon putter head to hit the market, and Dickens hopes it’s a game-changer – literally.

“I think it’s the most technologically advanced putter in probably 30 years,” he said.

For more on Dickens, including why he says so many US presidents find golf so appealing, check out the full interview below.

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