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IABE offers valuable lessons for product and equipment innovation

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Nothing goes to waste when you turn Daily Bread into Classic Ribollita (Soup with Cubes of Bread) or Salted Strata Bread Pudding. Solveig Tofte, award-winning owner of Sun Street Breads, a bakery and coffee shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota, shared functional ideas for creating such breakfast and lunch dishes in an informative educational session at the recent conference. International Artisan Bakery Expo (IABE) on August 17th. -19 in Las Vegas.

“Do you want crispy bread cubes or do you want soft cubes,” she told the crowded audience. “You have options. “

The experienced baker explained to attendees how to go beyond croutons and chips and embrace the centuries-old tradition of using day-old bread, increasing the menu offerings to boot, says Tofte. Some of the dishes she has created include the panzanella with spring vegetables, the sweet potato layers with goat cheese, the avocado toast with spicy chia seeds and the ribollita.

Tofte is one of the founders of the Intergalactic Federation of Bakers, a volunteer group celebrating the expertise and generosity of bakers around the world and is a member of the International Bakery Elite. She served on the board of directors of the Bread Bakers Guild of America for six years and competed in the 2008 Bakery World Cup as a baker and captain. She considers herself fortunate to continue to be involved in the organization’s mission, promoting excellence in baking and international camaraderie.

“Our mission here is to concentrate the flavors,” she told the IABE audience. “When you use day-bread, you have decisions to make. Do you want toast, dried, cubed or fresh? When you are first starting out, enter the measurement process. And remember, when judging a loaf to use, a sourdough crumb is waxy – so it doesn’t absorb as much water.

Tofte recommends adding 10% olive oil to bread cubes. Working with vegetables is always a battle with water, she points out, because everything gets soggy.

As for the seasoning, you can season before it goes into the mix, or season everything at the end, your choice.

“Herbs are a good answer to that,” she says of making mushroom confits. “And I love champagne vinegar because it brings more to the party.”

Pizza products

The IABE is an annual event developed to bring together the thriving artisan bakery community and its suppliers. Industry guests got information on over 30 educational sessions and demonstrations.

This event is designed for artisan bakers, offering fresh produce sold in specialty bakeries, in-store bakeries, café-bakeries and other food service operations.

The event is organized in conjunction with the International Pizza Expo, which is now in its 37th year.

On display at the show, Rich Products showcased the Ready to Stretch Pizza Dough – authentic dough that is prepared in Rich’s Bakery and goes from your cooler to your hand and stretches to your oven. With Ready-To-Stretch, the power of premium pizza is in your hands.

Here is how it works:

  • Thaw pizza dough in a cooler overnight or up to 48 hours.
  • Right out of the cooler, stretch to your signature shape in five minutes.
  • Garnish with ingredients to make it unique.
  • Enjoy top-quality pizza from any oven.

As a leading supplier of frozen pasta, crusts and flatbreads, Rich’s offers a full line of specialties, including gluten-free and plant-based products.

Others at the show showcased a wide variety of products and services.

LloydPans has added a new skillet to its line that features one of the country’s most popular pizzas: the Chicago Deep Dish. Here is the Chicago Deep Dish Pan, which is the perfect dish to help pizza restaurants and foodservices recreate the popular pizza Chicago is known for. It’s so popular, in fact, that it’s spreading across the country.

Chicago Deep Dish pizza pans come in 1.5 “and 2.25” depths, and both are available in a variety of diameters.

LloydPans president and CEO Traci Rennaker says deep dish pizza may be a Chicago institution, but it’s gaining more interest across the country, so the timing couldn’t be better to add it to the range. It’s already one of the most popular regional pizza styles in the country, and we’re excited to see its continued growth.

Labor savers

Hobart continues the tradition this year at the International Pizza Expo, once again offering a custom-designed Legacy® HL662 Pizza Blender (valued at $ 20,000).

This year’s custom design pays homage to the speed and power of the Legacy HL662 Pizza Blender – a 60-quart maximum heavy-duty machine designed to deliver consistency for demanding dough production. Hobart will unveil the one-of-a-kind blender at booth # 353 on day one of the expo.

Hobart recently introduced its Legacy + ® Heavy Duty Blenders. Featuring the exclusive PLUS system, a powerful combination of three cutting-edge technologies, the mixers deliver up to 30% more mixing capacity in a similar sized bowl, giving operators the flexibility to do more.

The VFDadvantage frequency converter is the first of three Hobart exclusive technologies in the PLUS system. This technology provides more power to the bowl to incorporate and develop the ingredients, while also protecting the motor from overheating if the operator exceeds rated capacity. It guarantees convenient and efficient speed changes while the mixer is running. It is not necessary to stop and restart the machine. VFDadvantage provides a soft start feature that gradually supplies power to the mixer as it increases speed to prevent ingredient splashing and protect the motor. It also has an ultra-slow stirring speed which allows the ingredients to be mixed slowly and thoroughly. On the 80 and 140 quart blenders, VFDadvantage enables the new FastStop feature – the ability to completely shut down all moving parts in three seconds.

In addition to the VFD advantage, the PLUS system offers overheating protection at maximum capacity. Legacy + mixers feature rugged wiring and connections that can handle more power, resulting in higher production and reduced thermal cycling impact. The mixers also feature a reinforced planetary shaft system that provides additional power to the bowl through optimized shaft geometry and gear transmission for high capacity output.

Other equipment exhibitors showcased a wide variety of innovations. Reiser supplies a variety of Vemag bakery equipment for all types of applications and production requirements. The Vemag is an incredibly versatile machine that combines the highest levels of portioning precision, speed and product quality.

The Vemag is a unique machine that incorporates many innovative accessories specially designed for bakery applications. Each Vemag accessory is carefully designed to produce consistent, high quality baked goods. Attachments can be easily replaced in minutes so that you can produce a variety of different products.

The Vemag can be used as a dough divider to produce breads, rolls and rolls and easily adapts to all ranges of dough absorption and crumb structures.

The Vemag can be used as a depositor to precisely distribute cookie dough, fillings and dough on moving or stationary lines. It is ideal for any depot task where placement and weight control is required.

The Vemag can be used as a sheeter to extrude smooth, uniform dough sheets with constant thickness and width. This system can also be used to accurately spread margarine and fat on a makeup line.

Exceptional alternatives

Master Baker Ralf Tschenscher, Head of Bakery Business Development at Lesaffre North America, points out that “the trend across generations, from baby boomers to millennials and Generation X, is towards exceptional, healthy, sustainable and tasty. We have been seeing this trend for years on the baking side, but lately more and more in pastry and culinary applications.

Thanks to an exclusive process, Lesaffre uses specialized fermentation-based coatings to infuse Fleurage with unique flavors and aromas.

Fleurage Seeds is a blend of flax, oats and millet that undergo a fermentation process that provides flavorful depth and a satisfying mouth feel. A dash of Fleurage Seeds adds a visually appealing artisanal authenticity and a pleasant crunch to whole wheat, multigrain and white breads, as well as many other applications. Fleurage semolina is a durum wheat semolina infused with fermentation-based coatings to impart cheese umami characteristics and sweet salty notes. It offers the functionality of semolina as a coating or sprinkling agent while enhancing the cheesy taste and crunchiness of traditional or vegan pizza crusts and cheesecakes.

Fleurage creates value for bakery manufacturers by allowing the development of new applications from existing formulations without having to modify dough recipes. In most cases Fleurage can be applied directly after dough formation, either by hand or through systems already in place on production lines, such as those used to apply sesame and polenta. These efficiencies are in addition to a brand’s ability to expand its product portfolio with new flavors and unique textures while optimizing costs and minimizing downtime.