December 8, 2022
  • December 8, 2022

In the studio with Tony Romera

By on July 18, 2021 0

French funky house superstar Tony Romera joins us today for our feature film In The Studio, which sees him dive into the ins and outs of his studio.

After the release of “VHS” last month, French house producer Tony Romera returns today with the second single “MS69” from his upcoming album. Introspection expected later this year on Monstercat. ‘MS69’ features Tony’s signature grungy sound that’s really fresh right now. The excitement is only building for his album.

I’m actually in a special play that my dad did about two years ago. I helped him put together the plans, but he built everything from ground to roof. Got some advice from friends so the room looks really cool! We added Vicoustic acoustic panels to treat the room, which is sick. I wanted to have my own bunker, so there you go, and I’m the happiest when I’m in this room.

I work on Logic Pro X, I really like this DAW, it sounds great and I know it very well because I have been working on it for many years. I used Ableton to do live stuff (just started, it’s really fun) and also for guest mixes, stretching some samples, and all the stuff that is much better and easier on Ableton than Logic . At first I was working on FL Studio, then a friend showed me Logic in 2009 and I absolutely loved it. I use it since that day!

I don’t have a particular feature that I like the most, but I really like the environment, the design, and I feel comfortable working on it. The internal plugins are pretty sick, I still use Logic Compressor, Echo, EXS24, Vintage synth, electric piano, etc. My favorite plugins are Xfer Serum, U-he Diva, Arturia Suite, Roland Suite, Serato Sample, Waves Metafilter, Valhallah Reverbs and a bunch of UAD plugins.

My speakers are Focal Trio 11 with a Focal Sub 6, and my headphones are Focal Clear Pro. Focal has been my favorite speaker brand for many years. I like how it sounds. I had the Twin 6be before these and they were awesome too. Focal is a French brand and their factory is less than an hour’s drive from where I live so it’s super cool to work with them!

My advice when choosing your monitors is something a friend of mine (Tristan Garner) gave me when I first started making music. He told me to start with cheap monitoring and then when you feel like you are 100% using it and can’t do better things with it then you can upgrade. But always step by step. Every time I changed my speakers it’s because I felt stuck with the previous ones, so I increased my sound x10 and I feel so comfortable with the new Focal, I certainly won’t change that before a while!

I use 5 hardware synths – KORG MS20, Behringer TD3, Behringer Poly D, Moog Little Phatty Stage II and Arp Odyssey. My favorite is the KORG MS20, I really love working with it, you can do anything you want with these synths, from super aggressive bass to fun leads to deep pads. I love the filter, it sounds so French, so Daft Punk and Justice. I would love to have a lot of legendary synths like a Sequential Prophet 5 Rev 4, I think this will be the next synth I buy. Moog Minimoog is also one of my dream synths.

My home fragrances are really important. I like it when it smells good in the studio, when other artists come to work, come in and feel at home, it’s really important to me. I have a bunch of different scents and I change them every few months.

Be sure to tune in to Tony Romera’s latest “MS69” below!