December 2, 2022
  • December 2, 2022

Keep your cables under control with magnetic ties

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Whether you work from home or in the office, a tidy desk keeps you productive and happy. You don’t want to drive yourself crazy looking for that USB stick that was next to the keyboard yesterday, do you?

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An organized office space without tidy cables still looks like a battlefield. Zip ties can damage wires over time and they are not reusable. Magnetic cable ties, however, are kind to your cables and can be reused over and over again. Dare we say they make organizing fun?

How do they work?

Magnetic cable ties are made of silicone to provide good elasticity without tightening your cables to the point of damaging the wires inside. These useful office tools handle many different types of cables:

  • Clean out that drawer full of bricks and assorted charging cables. Stop fishing around a big ball of tangled threads.
  • Keep your car phone charger and aux cable together so they’ll never go missing again. Leave them hanging from the console or store them in your glove box.
  • Hide PC cables under your desk. If your desk has a metal frame, you can tie all the cords together and then magnetize them to your desk to keep them out of sight and out of mind.

Warning: Always be careful when using magnets around certain devices such as mechanical hard drives and pacemakers.

Keep reading for our three favorite magnetic cable tie packs you can pick up right now.

First reusable silicone magnetic cable ties

Designed with soft and durable silicone, Fironst manufactures this set of magnetic cable ties in packs of 7, 14 or 21 at a low price.

All magnets are embedded inside the silicone, so you won’t have to worry about small magnets falling out when pulling the bands apart.

Grab these alternative cable ties

Different brands offer wild colors and sometimes longer cords. Here are two other packs we also love:

Can I use magnetic cable ties on thick cords?

Yes you can. The binding is not as strong as a zip tie, so the tension you need may be a little too much for one or two silicone magnetic cable ties. Try using multiple ties or putting fewer cords together in the same bundle if you experience this problem.

How long do magnetic cable ties last?

Silicone is tough. Unless you subject them to immense stress outside of normal use, these magnetic cable ties should last for years. Magnets can lose power over time, although this depends on many variables.

What else can I use these cable ties for?

Magnetic cable ties are versatile enough to be used in countless creative applications:

  • Magnetize pictures or papers to stick on your refrigerator
  • Make a loop for important mail and hang it on your key ring.
  • Tie open food bags.
  • Use colorful magnetic clips instead of shower curtain rings to brighten up your bathroom.

These are just a few, but feel free to use your imagination!

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