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kmrc: Kmrc will call on a British expert who guided them during the last subsidence | Kolkata News

By on May 20, 2022 0
Kolkata: Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC), the executing agency of the East-West metro, flies the wrecker Leonard John Endicott, the British engineer who had supervised the repair and restoration work following the 2019 subsidence in the same locality of Bowbazar, to plot the next course of action and help fill the last gap between the tunnels without causing further collapses.
The Cambridge-trained engineer, who is one of the experts from General Consultants – the consortium of international experts hired by KMRC to execute the project – will work independently on site and guide the KMRC team. “Endicott had led the project after the 2019 tunneling incident which stalled work for over five months. We are expecting it next week. His expertise will help us plan future actions,” said KMRC GM (administration) AK Nandy. “IIT Roorkee is also in the process of appointing subject matter experts to advise us on various matters.”
Endicott has been involved in over 100 metro stations and was chairman of the four-member committee formed, following Calcutta HC’s order to resume tunneling in February 2020. Tunneler Chundi, digging the west tunnel of the Esplanade-Sealdah segment, struck an aquifer on August 31, 2019 below Durga Pithuri Lane, causing several houses to collapse. In February 2020, the HC authorized the resumption of the tunnels on the condition that a committee of experts supervise the construction of the metro.
Endicott, now based in Hong Kong, has been involved in tunneling since 1975. He has worked in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia as well as Mumbai and Delhi, officials said. KMRC. He will return to the familiar neighborhood of Bowbazar to oversee the westbound tunnel connection. KMRC is happy to welcome Endicott as he tries to complete the last and most delicate stage of construction.
Nandy said the concrete poured inside the pit in the affected area would not be removed during the rainy season. About 250 cubic meters of concrete were poured and the water inlet was sealed in less than 24 hours on May 12. ” he said.