October 1, 2022
  • October 1, 2022

Lego’s five-speed transmission construction with Dyno is an engineering marvel

By on April 16, 2022 0

Have you ever wondered how a manual transmission works? Do you like legos? Well, if you answered yes to one or both questions, we have the video for you. Youtuber and Lego build master Brick Technology recently created a video that shows the creation of a fully functional 5-speed manual transmission with reverse. This feat of Lego engineering is also a great illustration of how a manual transmission works, even highlighting the importance of gear ratios.

Lego is no stranger to creating exciting car kits for enthusiasts, like this Bugatti Chiron set.

Brick Technology begins construction with a very simple two-speed transmission driven by an electric motor. From there, the construction of the transmission is in full swing as two more sets of gears are added. This leads to a total of 5 gears which follow a normal manual transmission setup. With the guts of the transmission done, it was time to work on a shifter.

Building the shifter for the new Lego transmission took some trial and error from Brick Technology. For starters, there was a lot of slop in the transmission that would make it difficult for clean shits and would surely attract negative comments from lego automotive journalists. To combat this slope, reinforcement parts were added which ultimately led to a very precise and tight transmission.

The shifter was then added to the transmission where Brick Technology tested the shifting action. During testing, the shifter stuck due to the length of the throw. Luckily, Brick Technology has been added in a Lego short shift kit that has solved this problem.

With the forward gears working, it was time to tackle reverse. This part of the build was a unique opportunity to learn how reverse gears are constructed using a combination of input and output gears to reverse a car.

Now that the transmission was complete, it was hooked up to a Lego dyno to feed its power output. The construction of the dyno alone is a unique look at the engineering behind the machines that make YouTube cars famous.

The completed Lego build is put through its final dyno test moving between five years and reverse at full speed. This final test showcases the sturdy build quality of this fully functional Lego 5-speed transmission. This is perhaps the most complex lego engineering build we’ve seen since Lego built a working full-size Bugatti Chiron.