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Lexi Thompson talks golf gear ahead of 2022 US Women’s Open

By on May 31, 2022 0

Lexi Thompson at the Palos Verdes Championship (Harry How/Getty Images)

Editor’s Note: Thompson changed riders recently, then reverted back to her old Cobra rider. She returned to her Cobra RadSpeed ​​​​driver that she played last season in the weeks leading up to the 2022 US Women’s Open. The conversation below, which took place before she returned, focuses on the latest Cobra model.

David Dusek: You switched to the new Cobra LTDx driver pretty quickly.

Lexi Thompson: The first time I saw him was at a photo shoot for Cobra, and I really liked the way he looked, to begin with, but then I started hitting him for shots. action in the commercial and I was tearing it up. I thought, “Okay, that might do the trick.”

This club wasn’t even for me, and I knew it could work. Right away I knew it was going to be a lot more forgiving.

DD: From a performance standpoint, what does a driver have to do for you to find their way into your bag?

LT: Looks are really important because you have to like what you look at, and the alignment aids have to work, but when it comes to mechanics, for me, I like knowing that I can work the ball if I must.

I also like something with a bit lower spin, which is this driver, but at the same time when you get super low spin it can sometimes make a driver less forgiving. But with this new face, it really is. You get faster ball speed and lower spin rate, but at the same time you have a high MOI [moment of inertia, which is a resistance to twisting on off-center hits]which is ideal for this type of driver.

DD: Are you trying to do the offside course with your driver? For example, do you like it set up so it’s hard to hang?

LT: I don’t tinker with the weights before a game, and if I really need to hit a fairway, I do it with my swing. I might choke the handle a bit for more control. I used to hit big hooks, but over the years I changed my swing for the better. It’s a straighter ball flight now. There really isn’t one side of the golf course that I’m trying to get out, but hitting the fairway is always nice.

DD: What is your stock carry distance with a driver, and how far does a fairway bunker catch your eye?

LT: I would say my carry distance is around 250 yards. I would say I gained a few yards with this driver because it has less spin and the wind doesn’t hit it as much, but for me it’s all about having that control.

DD: You are one of the most dedicated fitness players on the tour. How has this affected your gear choices over the years?

LT: Good question. With the driver, my clubhead speed stayed around 105 mph, so I didn’t really gain any extra swing speed with practice, so I didn’t have to tinker with my shafts too much.

DD: But I noticed that you have opted for the new Fujikura Ventus Blue TR shaft in your driver.

LT: Yes, I noticed that with the new LTDx head, my old neck didn’t fit as well. You get that sometimes, and with the mechanics of a head, a tree can compensate for that. The first thing I always do is try my old shaft in the new head, but the new Fujikura shaft turned out to be the best match.

Lexi Thompson’s Driver – $499