January 12, 2022
  • January 12, 2022

LG Chem aims to enter solar panel frame market

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Seoul, South Korea – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –LG Chem (KRX: 051910) first developed a plastic material in Korea that can replace metal in solar panel frames and is starting to enter the market on a large scale.

LG Chem announced that the company has developed “LUPOY EU5201”, a PC / ASA flame retardant material that retains the shape of the material even during temperature changes due to its low levels of thermal expansion, using its technology and method of exclusive manufacturing.

* PC / ASA: engineering plastic with improved physical properties made by mixing ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) resins with polycarbonate as a base

The solar panel frames are located at the edge of the solar panels to protect and support the panel against external impacts. Heat resistance and strong corrosion durability are required because the materials are exposed to the outdoors for a long time, such as on the exterior walls or roof where there is direct sunlight. Solar panel frames make up about 10% of solar panels and are mainly made of aluminum alloy.

“LUPOY EU5201”, developed by LG Chem, is a high performance engineering plastic material that complements the mechanical properties of general plastics by adding fiberglass to polycarbonate compounds.

It has the same level of durability as existing aluminum, but weighs half the weight and has excellent price competitiveness. In addition, it has excellent dimensional stability which retains its shape even under temperature changes, so that it does not easily deteriorate or deform by the external environment. The chemical decomposition caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays has been reduced, which has greatly improved the life of the product compared to general plastics, and the color remains the same even after long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays.

If the aluminum is replaced by the new engineering plastic material from LG Chem, the weight of the solar panel is expected to decrease significantly and the material cost can also be reduced. It can bring more convenience during transportation and installation.

LG Chem has a PCR PC (Post-Consumer Recycled Polycarbonate) development technology that recycles plastics used by general consumers, so the company can also produce low-carbon environmentally friendly products using raw materials. High-grade PCR as requested by customers. The company also plans to examine ways to collect the solar panel frame that will be scrapped in the future and replicate them in PCR PC.

LG Chem secured mass production capacity in the first half of this year and started selling products on a large scale in the third quarter. Starting with the supply of solar panel frames, the company plans to expand the application of materials to interior and exterior materials of automobiles in the future.

Steven Kim, Head of Engineering Materials Division at LG Chem, said, “Plastic solar panel frames have many advantages that differentiate them from existing frames, such as ease of installation, and therefore have a great market potential. Leveraging the world’s best composition technology, LG Chem plans to lead the rapidly growing solar materials market through continuous R&D and investments in mass production capabilities.

LG Chem declared “carbon neutral growth by 2050” last year, the first company to do so in the domestic petrochemical industry, and promotes RE100, which manufactures products using renewable energy on all the world’s workplaces. LG Chem plans to accelerate carbon neutral growth through the transition to renewable energy and to contribute to the development of the renewable energy industry such as solar energy through the development of the LUPOY EU5201 product.

About LG Chem

LG Chem, Ltd. is Korea’s largest diversified chemical company which operates three main business units: petrochemicals, advanced materials, life science. The chemical activity manufactures a wide range of products, from petrochemicals to high added value plastics. It is also expanding its chemical expertise in high-tech areas such as electronic materials and batteries and drugs and vaccines. Through multiple production facilities and an extensive distribution network, LG Chem strives to become a leading global company. For more information, please visit the LG Chem website at www.lgchem.com.

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