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Little People’s Matt Roloff Reveals Secret Mineshaft at Family Farm as He Loses $2.6M for Major Property Renovations

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LITTLE People, Big World star Matt Roloff has revealed there was a secret mine shaft on his family farm that was created long before his reality show started.

The 60-year-old took fans out of the mine for a bit and explained a bit about his story on Wednesday night.


Matt Roloff revealed there was a secret mineshaft on his family farmCredit: Instagram
He shared that it was 'created long before' Little People, Big World began


He shared that it was ‘created long before’ Little People, Big World began

Always wanting to show the different aspects of the Roloff farm and the projects he is working on, Matt decided to give a glimpse of a place rarely seen.

On her Instagram story, the LPBW star circled and stopped at a place overgrown with nature, which led to a large opening and a wooden pathway.

Speaking in the background of the video, Matt shared, “A lot of people don’t even know, because we don’t talk about it much, that we have this cool mine shaft.

“I put those rocks there and built that years and years ago.

“Look how the [tree] roots have passed through there. It probably goes back 60 feet and under the barn.

He continued, while pointing to the unique location: “And this mineshaft has a trap door that goes up into the barn above.

“Anyway, I don’t know why I just quit, because we cleaned this up the other day, and I thought it would be worth checking out.”

Wanting to make sure as many of his followers as possible know about the mine shaft, Matt also shared a photo of it on his feed.

“This current photo features something created long before #lpbw was created,” he revealed in the caption. “Never been featured or mentioned on the show (to my knowledge).. even though it was built many years before the show started.”

He added: “This mine shaft was built and inspired around 1992-1993. Now it has fully become what was imagined many (20 years) ago.”

Many of her followers were intrigued by the whole thing and commented on messages of surprise and appreciation, along with other questions.

A user asked Matt to tell a bit more about the initial plans for the mineshaft and what became of it.

The sexagenarian took the question to heart and gave a detailed answer.

He shared, “Some of my friends showed me a photo they took while hiking in the Oregon backcountry (shortly after we moved here in 1989).

“I realized that I would probably never be able to walk that far into the back country to actually see the are (mine shaft) where they took their picture…so I decided at that moment there I would build exactly what I saw in the picture.

“Several months later (about 1994) we had this 60 foot mine shaft. There is a trapdoor in the floor of the barn above.

He continued, “They once started filming #lpbw around 2003 (little people, big dreams) and even the precursor to that.

“(True story not many people know) we locked the trap door so production could have a secure barn to use… not many people know that ‘mine shaft’ story. … and no. Despite popular rumours… This tunnel is not connected to the western city tunnels.

“It’s a very separate underground tunnel system. :)) #mattrolofflovestunnels #askmymom #ivebeendiggingtunnelsforever #starteddigginginbodycast.”

The mine shaft tour comes after Matt spent more than $2.6 million on renovations to the family farm, including renovations and new buildings.

The Sun can exclusively reveal that the patriarch has spent $2,627,978 on renovations over the past two years.

Oregon property records show Matt spent $1,141,020 on improvements for the year 2021 and $1,089,070 in 2020 for one of the 32-acre parcels of land.

Improvements listed in Oregon property records include renovations to the main house, which was built in 1914, and surrounding land, a barn built in 1965, a farm implement building built in 1990, a agricultural utility shelter built in 2007, etc.

Just last week, Matt revealed that the “main house” where his ex-wife Amy raised their four children and lived through the divorce was “prepared and remodeled”.

A new addition to the farm is Matt’s “dream barn/garage”.

He captioned a photo of the building: “That feeling you get when you build beautiful buildings together…thank you to the Loranger brothers (Rick, Ray, Dan and Rocky) for another amazing build and helping me pursue my vision. “

In 2021, Matt built “Grandpa’s Cabin” himself.

He captioned a photo of the finished product in February 2021: “I reveal to you all…. Grandpa’s cabin… Estb. 2021. Built by Matt Roloff.

That same month, he showed a renovated shed.

In September 2021, Matt revealed the famous barn would be getting a “bright red fresh coat of paint”.

In 2020, Matt posted photos of a “new house designed with permits submitted”.

A photo revealed a luxurious modern-rustic home with a wood-beamed ceiling, decorative stone wall, floor-to-ceiling windows and a sprawling outdoor patio perfect for entertaining.

Matt continues to be the sole owner of Roloff Farms today.

Although the patriarch’s twin sons, Zach and Jeremy, both 31, have both expressed interest in taking over the farm.

Matt worked on $2.6 million worth of renovations on his property


Matt worked on $2.6 million worth of renovations on his propertyCredit: Instagram
He shared updates on all his projects with fans, which led him to want to say more about the mine shaft.


He shared updates on all his projects with fans, which led him to want to say more about the mine shaft.Credit: Instagram/@mattroloff

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