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  • Local coffee festival, “Pesta Kopi” will be brewed at the central market in December!

Local coffee festival, “Pesta Kopi” will be brewed at the central market in December!

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Hey coffee lovers, have we got some good news for you.

Tempatan Fest is having a coffee party next weekend at the Central Market (Pasar Seni). This is an event not to be missed !

The place of the festival.
Credit: Pesta Kopi KL / Facebook

Here is what they have:

  1. Various coffee products
    For coffee lovers, you can buy different kinds of coffee here, it’s like Starbucks, but with 40 different kinds. Exciting! From Vietnamese coffee to cute little cold infusion bottles, you’ll be served with so many coffee choices!
  2. Show on the art of coffee
    You won’t see them mixing coffee bags with plain water here, no. There will be ground, brewed, steamed milk coffee and several ways for them to pour coffee into a cup. Who knows. You could learn a lot.
  3. Free entertainment
    In addition, you will be accompanied by songs performed by street musicians, independent artists and local artists along the Kasturi Walk. We guarantee that you will not be alone here.
  4. Hardware exhibits
    Enter for a chance to win a free espresso press! I do not know what it is ? Don’t worry, head over to this festival and find out for yourself. They also display and sell coffee equipment like accessories and machines for those who want to learn more about coffee.
  5. Free stuff!
    Did we mention that there is also some free stuff? Can it get better?
    Some lucky visitors will receive a bunch of free stuff, including free cookies, unlimited drinks, free coffee beans, a free espresso press, and more!
What does it do and how do you use it though?
Credit: Pesta Kopi KL / Facebook

Tempatan Fest is an organization established in 2013 that focuses on empowering local businesses with their artistic and creative talents through annual festivals like Tempatan Fest, Tempatan Stage, Tempatan Kitchen and more.

This year, for the first time, they are hosting a coffee festival that combines around 40 local coffee vendors / foodtrucks / retailers serving the public with a craft coffee experience.

As the coffee growing industry is booming, this event is a wonderful platform for local roasters from all over Malaysia to showcase their products to the public.

There are so many varieties of coffee that you can discover here. From the way they roast the beans to the tasting of the coffee products, this event is a safe haven for coffee lovers.

However, since this is a fun occasion, we also insist that the audience always be alert and carefully follow SOPs during the event.

Seir Rashid, organizer of Pesta Kopi KL at TRP

Seir Rashid (right), the organizer of Tempatan Fest for Pesta Kopi KL, and Blues Valley Jam with Ito (left), lead singer of the Blues Gang seen together at the press conference yesterday.
Credit: TRP

Free up your weekend and head to this trendy event with your friends or dates!

However, since this is an open space festival, be responsible and pay attention to your SOPs during the event. Wear your masks / double masks, maintain your social distance between strangers, and pack your own hand sanitizers. We can never be too careful, peeps!

Details are as below:

  • Event: Pesta Kopi KL
  • Date: December 4 & 5, 2021
  • Time: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Location: Kasturi Walk, Central Market
  • Admission Fee: This is a free event, no tickets required
  • Activities: various coffee vendors, coffee exhibitions, workshops, street performances, free drinks (selected time only)
Credit: Pesta Kopi KL / Facebook

Tips: As parking spaces will be limited, take the LRT instead of driving. You can visit nearby shops or restaurants for hearty meals such as lunch or dinner. Bring your own water to stay hydrated throughout the festival. Wear cute outfits for aesthetic OOTDs around the coffee party. Don’t forget to have fun!

As the official media partner of Pesta Kopi KL we will have exclusive coverage, so stay tuned to TRP’s social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for the fun event!