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Make sure every club you carry in your bag counts

By on August 28, 2021 0

Rory McIlroy shot a sensational 8 under par 64 in the opening round of the BMW Championship. The most striking stroke of his tournament header was a majestic 3 wood which he hit on the sixteenth hole of par 5. The stolen fairway wood hit the 600-yard hole uphill in two and drove to an eagle.

The shot was a surprise given the stories surrounding Rory Wood 3 this week. When asked by the press why his practice sessions were so long in the Baltimore heat, McIlroy replied that he needed to select a new fairway wood.

Too often the average golfer, male or female, simply grabs a replacement club and moves on to the next round. Rory’s ridiculous story has a moral, choosing a fairway wood requires a thoughtful approach. Even if you were as quick as the Irishman to throw the last one.

When selecting a new fairway wood for your set, be sure to consider the following:

The attic

Don’t just take a 3 antler because everyone is carrying a 3 antler. The loft is very important when selecting a club of this length. You don’t have the advantage of a tee when using this club. You have to launch it from the ground. Standard 3 lumber has 15 degrees of loft. This is not enough for the average player. Make sure you choose a club that allows you to hit long and high shots. Many companies have 4 timber and 5 timber available. Try out all of your options and see which one works best.

The tree

Goes hand in hand with the loft. Long clubs are meant to hit long shots. They are not made to roll far. Get a tree that propels the ball into the air. The shaft may end up being different from the flex of your driver. It’s very common on tour. More flex is needed to lift the ball off the ground; kiss him.


Standard sets historically came with two or three fairway woods. You only get 14 clubs in total. Most golfers only need one fairway wood. Measure your transport distances with each of your metals. If their transport distance is less than ten meters, then you only need the highest. Drop the other fairway wood and pick up another score wedge.

Details matter in golf. Any PGA coach would argue more for you than Rory McIlroy. Choosing the best fairway metal for your game is not a quick decision. You have many options. Equipment manufacturers love to give us choices; To take advantage of. Make sure you choose a club that “fits” your game. It should fly high and far. Try to limit the number you have, adding more scoring clubs will lower your overall score more than more fairway woods.

Most of all, have fun with building your bag. Don’t be afraid of fairway wood, instead throw away that old mindset and get yourself a new rocket launcher. Nothing better than an imposing shot from the grass!

Keith Stewart is a 5-time award-winning PGA Professional with 25 years of experience in the golf industry. His network of players, coaches and insiders gives him a unique perspective on the game. He is a writer on and host of the ProShow on ESPN 920 on Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm EDT. Discover his archived PGA Coaching articles here or his conversations on the air with this link to his site The ProShow.

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