December 8, 2022
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Mechanical Mouse – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

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Rachna Vinod
Gyan vividly remembers the day when, while learning to use a desktop computer, he was introduced to a device called a mouse. He had studied when b for bat, c for cat and r for rat was the only way to teach the English alphabets. He couldn’t help laughing when Beni, his daughter, had taken it upon herself to teach him how to use the computer and in the process she taught him how to use the mouse and casually referenced that the mouse was another name for the rat. Beni was irritated by her laugh and told her that in the modern world, mouse is a very important computer device that has become an integral part of everyone’s life. But eager to learn more about computers, he controlled his laughter. Beni told him that the computer mouse had the exact shape of a physical mouse taking into account the advantages of small size and ease of maintenance.
Beni used to question the logics to follow the traditional way of life. Since childhood, she was fascinated by the hymns, religious sermons and prayers sung in the temples that her mother and grandmother frequented daily. She often accompanied them and took part in the prayer songs. So impressed by the effect prayers sung collectively or solo had on devotees that when it came time to choose the subject of her studies, she chose theology. His spirit had been nourished by unquestionable adherence to traditions. But now it was not acceptable for her to blindly follow traditions. She had developed an interest in learning more about the relevance of religion to science and the relevance of science to religion. Beni was looking for answers to the belief in mythological stories that has endured for thousands of years. Without answering her daughter, Bidya quietly continued to water and worship the Tulsi (Basil) planted in the center of the courtyard of the house. It was his daily life. It may seem paradoxical that by arguing with his mother Bidya on several occasions, Beni often found answers to many of his questions.
Bidya was not very well educated academically, but like many of her, she was well versed in religious rituals and the traditional way of life. Somehow she knew the story of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, an Indian philosopher, social leader and founder of the Arya Samaj, a Vedic dharma reform movement. He advocated for equal rights and respect for women and the education of all children, regardless of gender. His father was a devotee of Shiva and taught him the ways to worship Shiva. Once on the occasion of Shivratri, Dayananda stayed awake all night in obedience to Shiva. During one such fast, he saw a mouse eat the offerings and run over the body of the idol. After seeing this, he wondered if Shiva couldn’t defend himself against a mouse, then how could he be the savior of the world. So he quit idol worship. It was one of Bidya’s oft-heard stories to inspire Beni to question the logic of blind faith.
There was another popular story related to Lord Shiva. Once a sage in meditation for centuries, was disturbed when a mouse fell into his lap. Taking this as a blessing from God, he evoked Lord Shiva’s blessing to turn this mouse into a girl so that he could raise her as his own daughter. Shiva blesses him accordingly. The sage was very happy and raised her as the most beautiful with charming manners. When she reached the age of marriage, it was left to her to marry a person of her choice. She wanted to marry the most powerful person but she couldn’t find anyone who suited her. Once lost in these thoughts of finding a suitable partner, she was disturbed by a noise as if someone was digging. She looked around and found a mouse digging a hole in the mountain. A sudden thought occurred to him that the mighty mountain was unable to repel or prevent the mouse from blowing a hole in his body. She found this the most powerful mouse and made her choice accordingly. She asked the mouse to marry her. The mouse was helpless because he couldn’t marry a human being. She asked permission from her wise father to let her marry the mouse by turning her back into a mouse, her original self. This transformation was only possible with Shiva’s blessing. So Sage spoke of his blessings again and the girl was again turned into a mouse who could then marry another mouse. Beni thought every time she looked at the image of Lord Ganesh, God of Wisdom, Wealth and Fortune sitting on the mouse, “No wonder a modern computing device has been designed, developed and designated as a mouse, a mechanical merry-go-round to achieve wisdom and prosperity”.
Beni was amused to find the depiction of the mouse so powerful that it completely turned the lives of people whose life stories later became an inspiration to many. His mind began to search for some relevance, some connection to the modern mouse on a computer. Scientists were well aware of the ability of the living mouse to provide them with what they wanted when used as the object of many experiments for scientific advancement. Did the inventors of this device already know the ability of a small mouse to live for the welfare of other living beings that this small device was designed as a mouse? This mechanical mouse has the power to control the movement of the cursor on the computer screen by storing files, folders, etc. and providing access to global information using the Internet by simply holding it and clicking. This mechanical mouse continues to dig into a mountain of ideas in the human mind to learn more about the universe around it. Aren’t scientists the saints of the modern world who focus on newer and newer inventions and discoveries, as if lost in meditation on giving new meaning to life in this mysterious universe?
The constant confrontation between traditions and logics and questioning were inevitable in Beni’s field of work. This did not prevent her from recognizing the uneducated parents among the best source people with their traditional and emancipated vision which enlightened her on many subjects unraveling the tangles of mind which helped her to carry out her work. research in theology.